The ‘Guardians of the Galaxytrailer kicked off in a big way and aside from comic book tie-ins to the film, it now appears that Rocket Raccoon and Groot are going to be the first two characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to get their own novel! That’s right, one month ahead of the film’s release we’re going to see everyone’s favorite talking raccoon that blows things up and his personal house plant who can only utter 3 words that make sense to the English language in their own novel! The book will be penned by long term Marvel writer Dan Abnett who is responsible for co-writing the 2008 ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ ongoing series and quite a few of the major cosmic events that took place in the Marvel Universe over the past 5 years.

So what will it be about? Obviously quite a bit so. Here’s Abnet had to say:

“Marvel’s first original prose novel, featuring the stars of Guardians of the Galaxy! These are not the Avengers or the Fantastic Four – in fact, they’re barely even famous – but Rocket Raccoon and the faithful Groot are the baddest heroes in the cosmos, and they’re on the run across the Marvel Universe! During a spaceport brawl, the infamous pair rescues an android Recorder from a pack of alien Badoons, Everyone in the galaxy, however, including the ruthless Kree Empire and the stalwart Nova Corps, seems to want that Recorder, who’s about as sane as a sandwich with no mustard. Join Rocket and Groot on a free-for-all across the stars while they try to save all of existence-again!

So there is a sense of two guys on the make looking for what to do next with their lives, and when they see the opportunity, they think about it purely in monetary terms. It’s only when they realize what they’ve got hold of and what the implications are that they begin to get some kind of conscience about doing the right thing. It fits in very nicely after the comic stuff I did and I kept it vague so the story can fit in where the reader thinks appropriate. We meet many classic species and concepts: the Nova Corps, the Kree, and the Badoon, all have a part to play. So, to show that space is big, instead of having the Kree turn up and it be Ronan the Accuser or the Nova Corps turns up and it’s Rhomann Dey; a different Accuser and a different Centurion show up. That shows it’s a big universe and gives me some liberty to play around with these characters. They’re going to do things you’re not going to expect and their fates aren’t going to be what you expect because they’re not necessarily toys I have to put back in the box, so to speak.”

With the book’s July release a few weeks in advance of the film, we’re going to get a lot more information about the characters for those who haven’t followed the comics. On top of that, we’ll get introductions to many of the cosmic races that have only been hinted at in the earlier films or commercials.

Personally I’m curious on checking this out. My only concern is that this will probably end up as more of a Rocket-centric story as there is only so much they can have Groot convey without talking unless all of his “I am Groot!” comments get an actual translation. I know the old adage that actions speak louder than words could apply here but I’m still a bit iffy on that portion. Still, with these two as the leads it will probably end up being quite entertaining.

Are you looking forward to a novel form of Marvel characters? Share your thoughts below!

Source: CBR