A large chunk of the Justice League will be popping up in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’.  As everyone knows, Wonder Woman has a major role and the film is also slated to include appearances by Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash.  Wonder Woman will then appear in her own movie before the team assembles officially in ‘Justice League Part 1’.  That’s already quite a few characters, with Green Lantern (at least one of them) also possibly in the mix.  But since the individual heroes are all expected to spin off into solo movies, the team-up will help lay the foundation and one name is already being bandied about as having a role in ‘Justice League Part 1’– Mera.

In classic continuity, Mera is Aquaman’s wife and was the mother of his child, Arthur Jr. who was killed by arch nemesis Black Manta.  Mera does not hail from Atlantis, but the other dimensional kingdom of Xebel.  She does possess the power to breathe on both land and underwater and is super strong and nearly invulnerable, but her real trademark is the power to manipulate water, shaping it into any form she needs.  This power is so unique that Aquaman “borrowed” it on his 1960s cartoon series.

In the film, her part is described as being “Khaleesi of the sea” which is an interesting comparison to make, considering that Aquaman is being played by the Khaleesi’s ‘Game of Thrones’ husband Khal Drogo, a.k.a. actor Jason Momoa.  It would most likely be too on the nose to cast Emilia Clark, but she’d surely do a fine job!

But most likely, this is simply a reference to the fact that the movie Aquaman is borrowing heavily from the savage 90s “barbarian” version, as opposed to his more recognizable, laid back blond Caucasian take and Mera, who is usually already depicted in the comics as having a more fiery temper will accordingly be a bit more aggressive.

It’s unlikely that she’ll play too large a part, since she isn’t part of the title super team, but expect her to play a major role in ‘Aquaman’.

‘Justice League – Part 1’, directed by Zack Snyder debuts on November 17, 2017.  ‘Aquaman’, directed by James Wan, hits on July 27, 2018.

Source: Cinema Blend