This article contains SPOILERS regarding the most recent episode of ‘Arrow’ entitled ‘Deathstroke’ so if you still haven’t watched it, be warned!

Genre favorite Summer Glau joined ‘Arrow’ this season as recurring character Isabel Rochev.  In the comics, Rochev is a masked villain who takes over Queen Consolidated.  So far on the show, she’s proven to be a business rival to Oliver Queen as well as a love interest for him and in the latest episode, Ollie turned control of the company over to her only to discover that Rochev is working for Slade Wilson.  It wasn’t completely spelled out, but Rochev heavily implied that she was his daughter.

Well, apparently, despite the fact that Isabel Rochev is an existing, free-standing character, Summer Glau’s role is actually that of another DC character.  It was earlier speculated that Glau would turn out to be Talia Al-Ghul, the daughter of the head of the League of Assassins, Ra’s Al-Ghul.  Instead, Katrina Law was cast as Nyssa, a different daughter.  But it looks like Glau’s character is another villain’s offspring.  The Twitter PUNKD Images has secured these images from the set of ‘Arrow’:

Yes, it looks like Isabel Rochev will in fact turn out to be Rose Wilson a.k.a. The Ravager.

In the comics, Rose was a rebellious daughter of Slade Wilson who joined the Teen Titans and served as the babysitter for Roy Harper’s (Speedy/Arsenal) daughter Lian.  However, after being dosed by the same serum that gave Deathstroke his powers, she became unstable, stabbing out her own eye to look more like her father.  She remained with the Titans, however as more of a wildcard and even veered into sheer villainy at times.

In addition to super strength and agility, Rose is an expert sword-swinger.

Since these are strictly images and no official word has been issued about her upcoming role, it isn’t a forgone conclusion that Gau’s character will actually be Rose Wilson.  Maybe producers will simply tweak Isabel Rochev’s role.  Or maybe her character will be a remix of two existing comic book characters.

What do you think?  Are you excited to see Ravager on ‘Arrow’?  What do you think the creators of the show will do with the character?

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