Fans of ‘Dredd‘ are most likely well aware with the back and forth going on with Lionsgate for a sequel and we may have some good news for you. While the film initially received praise by critics and fans, it did poorly at the box office which almost doomed a sequel before talks could even get underway. Something happened though when it was released on VOD and DVD as a slew of new fans were born. What at first seemed like an unsuccessful movie, it slowlybegan to seem like bad marketing on the studio’s part had occurred and sales and viewership of the movie went through the roof. Suddenly, a sequel didn’t seem so far fetched and a petition emerged online that made it clear viewers of the original wanted a sequel and Karl Urban (‘Star Trek Into Darkness’,’Almost Human’) back as Dredd.

It feels like the studio listened. We already know that Urban has been having conversations about ‘Dredd 2’ and it seems as if they are still ongoing as he states in the video below:

So while it isn’t too clear, it does look as if both Urban and the original film’s screenwriter Alex Garland (’28 Days Later’,’Sunshine’) are working “very, very hard” to make ‘Dredd 2’ happen. Now, that doesn’t guarantee we’ll see the judge, jury, and executioner all rolled into one back on the big screen for sure, but it is a continued hopeful step in the right direction. The very fact that meetings are still happening and that the film seems to be moving somewhat forward is a good sign for a movie that by box office sales shouldn’t even be talked about.

The one question people will not have to ask is will we just see an onscreen version of the comic sequel ‘Underbelly‘ or will we be getting an actual follow up film?

What do you think of the possibility of a ‘Dredd’ sequel? Are you excited or is this taking too long to still have your interest?

Source: THR