The next hope of a franchise from a YA book to emerge this year is ‘The Host’, and with only 2 weeks before its big screen release, Open Road Films has been releasing clips from the upcoming film. We have the latest 2 for you to watch below!

‘The Host’ is based on a novel by Stephenie Meyer which already means there are some who will discount the film on that fact alone. While most know the author via her ‘Twilight Saga’ book series, ‘The Host’ is her foray into science-fiction rather than the supernatural.

Andrew Niccol (‘In Time’, ‘Gattica’) not only directed the film but also wrote the screenplay which may explain the great action sequences that has been seen in the trailers despite the added love quadrilateral in 3 bodies aspect of the film. You get a sense of this dichotomy in the clips below.

The first clip is just an extended version of what was seen in the trailer where Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) tries to escape the Souls’ compound. In the second clip, Uncle Jeb (William Hurt), knowing that Wanda has already taken over Melanie’s body, tells the Soul that he believes his niece is still inside fighting for control spurred on by her love for Jarred (Max Irons) and her family.

Niccol so far has been hit and miss with his films and I’m really hoping ‘The Host’ is not an exercise of the movie trying to figure out if it’s a sci-fi love story or a sci-fi action film. If done right, there should be a balance which I’m hoping there is.

The jury is still out on this movie. What do you think? Do the clips entice you to see the film?

‘The Host’ will open in theaters on May 29th.