Barely any time has passed since it was announced that Toby Kebbell (‘RocknRolla’,’Prince of Persia’) has been cast as Doctor Doom in Josh Trank’s upcoming ‘Fantastic Four‘ reboot. Now we find out that we’re going to apparently be seeing a lot more Doom this time around. One of the most common traits of this tyrannical ruler is his use of Doombots for a variety of purposes and it appears that this custom will continue as they’ll be making an appearance in this film as well.

Historically speaking, we’ve seen most of Victor’s Doombots controlled by an AI act on his behalf  to help rule the country, do diplomatic visits, or do other less important tasks he doesn’t deam worthy of his time but knows are still important enough to be done in his name. Going further, they are also part of his personal bodyguard and private army as they are built to have superhuman strength, energy projection, and the ability to fly. Honestly, they tend to be a lot like remote controlled or AI powered Iron Man clones who aren’t quite as powerful (depending on the armor Iron Man has on at the time.) The problem is it’s rumored that Doom will be utilizing them in the film so it is far too easy to jump to conclusions. Fo example, will he survive certain death as it would be one of the bots was actually in his place? Will he just be building them in this film for the first time?

Speaking of being bodyguards, we don’t even know if Victor will be in charge of Latveria in this movie as depending on the origin story he didn’t always start off running the country or even continuing to run it for long periods of time.

There just isn’t enough details yet. What we do know that if he is already working on Doombots we should hopefully luck out and see a good fight scene between Doom and Marvel’s first family unlike what was shown in the previous films.

So fellow true believers, what is your take on Doombots being included in the movie? Is it good that he’ll hit the ground running with them in the first film or are these decoys and soldiers something that should have waited to be introduced? Share your thoughts below!

‘Fantastic Four’ starring Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bellm and Toby Kebbell hits theaters on June 19, 2015.

Source: Cinema Blend