Slowly but surely, things are coming to an end for one of SyFy’s most spectacular originals. This week’s ‘Being Human’ is the penultimate episode where our beloved quartet comes face-to-face with their fears and Sally’s horrific vision of the future comes closer to fruition.

Lamenting over Astrid’s death, Kenny’s dead set on revenge against the one responsible for her death. Oblivious to his son knowing the truth about Josh’s hand in her death, Aidan warns Kenny about being consumed with vengeance; it leads nowhere except in a deep, dark hole that’s nearly impossible to climb out of. Though it seems Kenny takes Aidan’s words to heart, we all know that things will come to a head soon enough.

This may be the face of a little girl but it’s much more than that…

Aidan returns to the house, moving van in tow and the gang discusses what they need to do to help Ramona. Sally understands just how it feels to be stuck somewhere with no sense of escape. No one’s staying behind, Aidan tells everyone before doing his most heartfelt declaration regarding their relationship. “I can’t leave you behind,” he tells her and the two couples split up to finish packing. In their bedroom, Nora and Josh pack when she comes across his journal and suggests writing down his feelings again. Whatever Sally did, it’s changed him. “I know it, I know it,” he tells her, “I feel different, I know it.” But there’s no guarantee he doesn’t lose control again. Nora steers it back to the future and starting their lives as a married couple. “It’ll take some time but we’ll get us back,” she promises.

Aidan and Sally’s moment revolves on where the two of them are in their ‘ship. He believes he’ll be hanging out in Pete’s old trailer and, after some not so subtle comments from Sally, Aidan officially asks Sally to move in with him; well, in ghostly terms it’ll be more of a “haunting” than anything. And whereas our two couples are preparing a promising future with their significant other, Ramona’s not so happy, repeating the “What about me?” mantra alone in her room.

And then it happens. After friendly arguing a bit over the most inane things, the gang is surprised at Beatrice’s arrival. She gives them the low-down of her horrible parents and the fact that Ramona was her twin; a twin her parents sacrificed as tribute to Paymon, one of the Kings of Hell. Ramona’s sad demise seems to be on its way to a satisfying conclusion when Beatrice can see Ramona. That would be happy ending is dashed when Ramona, blaming Beatrice for abandoning her, kills the elder woman. When the gang rages over such a horrible action, Ramona’s reply is a matter-of-fact “She’s not part of our game.” It’s here when the four try to escape that they are thrust into individual situations that play up their worst fears.

Aidan—Thrust into the basement, Henry appears, the son Aidan last saw infected with the killer vampire flu. Death has taken him but he tells Aidan that there is an afterlife for vampires and Aidan should no longer fear death. He’s brought so much misery to others, it’s time he do the selfless thing and end his existence on this plane. After all, it would open the door for him to truly be with Sally.

Nora—An off-the-wagon Emily greets her in the bedroom. According to Emily, her brother is stealing Nora’s future and offers her the chance to see “everything he’s hiding from you” and gives her the most recent entries into Josh’s diary. She’s shocked by how he feels and Emily twists the knife even more, hitting on the fact that Nora’s hiding her current pregnancy from him for a reason.

Josh—He’s faced with a blast from the past in Julia. She vocalizes his biggest fear, that the wolf has taken him, driving his actions. Those actions will ultimately hurt Nora the same way they killed her, Julia promises. “You destroy everything and everyone you touch,” she tells him, demanding he take his life if he truly loves Nora. He rejects the knife but when he’s knocked unconscious, he awakens to Nora, dead from a slashed throat, the same one he holds in his hand.

Sally—Kat with the pretty eyes is back and in the buff (oh my stars and garters). She admits she’s always been able to see the ghost but can no longer ignore it. She blasts the Aidan/Sally thing, convincingly pointing out just how fruitless a relationship between a vampire and a ghost will be. But it doesn’t take long for our favorite ghost to figure things out. “What are you doing this, Ramona?” she asks the spirt and when the two specters face off, Sally learns the horrible truth about the little girl. “I’m not just in this house, Sally,” Ramona confesses, “I AM this house.”

The gang watches in horror the aftermath of the Ramona/Beatrice reunion

Ramona feeds on death and, if she can’t get it because of Aidan, Nora and Josh, she’ll get it from them. Knowing she hasn’t time to waste, Sally goes to Nora first. She’s able to direct Nora to helping Josh while she reaches Aidan seconds before he drives a stake through his own heart. “Please don’t leave me,” she begs him and that’s what it takes to reach him. For Josh’s sake, Nora’s able to do the exact same thing for her husband. Aidan and Sally rush to the kitchen where they find the two werewolves. They know they have to get out of the hell house but, when they try to escape, find themselves stuck in the hidden bedroom with Ramona. Sally drops the short version of Ramona as the personification of the house’s evil when the satisfied spirit lets in the spark for a very big explosion—Kenny. Aidan knows he has to smooth things over, especially when Kenny reveals that he’s there to kill Josh. He blames the werewolf for both Astrid’s death and coming between the two of them. Josh has to die but, to do that, he has to kill Aidan first. And then they fight…

What should be a short one-sided affair is lengthened by Aidan’s unwillingness to kill his son (and for the sake of drama). Things escalate until, using his patented stake reversal, drives the wooden splinter into Kenny’s chest. He orders his son not to move, that they can still get past it but Kenny is ready to accept his fate. “I was ready for this,” Kenny admits to his father, “I have been.” But Kenny’s acceptance is colored by his parting malice. “Sally’s gone,” he says, “and it’s Josh’s fault. And then he’s gone, a pile of vampire ash. The others hear Aidan’s heartbroken cries and, not that Ramona has removed the wall, join their friend. Josh is first down the steps and Aidan casts the blame of Sally and Kenny’s death on her best friend. “It was the one thing that gave me hope,” he cries and Sally’s shaken by the knowledge of what comes next. “This is on you,” Aidan spits out and grabs Josh by the neck and then Sally screams…

The End Comes…

  • The penultimate episode of ‘Being Human’ ties in every character’s fears with the question of how we face the end of things and can we really conquer who we are when that knowledge scars us so much? I’ve said it before, the hardest thing to do for anyone is look in the mirror and strip all that we have away until we are left with the truth of who we are at its core. It’s the only way to truly accept ourselves and gain contentment but it’s by no means an easy thing to do and, sometimes, that truth can destroy the façade of life we’ve lived to the point that we can find no other way out save for the desperation of removing one’s self from the mortal coil.
  • People run in and out of our lives, sometimes by necessity and other times by circumstance. It’s been more than a year since we’ve seen Henry and Julia, more recently Kat and Emily have removed themselves from the lives of our supernatural quartet but it was good to see them one final time as they are four of the most important people to ever come into the lives of Aidan, Josh, Nora and Sally.