Coming to Cartoon Network and ToonsTV  in India this November is the debut of Stan Lee‘s (‘The Avengers‘) new superhero cartoon movie, ‘Chakra: The Invincible‘. This is Stan’s first take on an Indian superhero and we’ll see if he can live up to the expectations set by past creations such as ‘Spider-Man’.

To create Chakra, Lee’s company POW! Entertainment worked with Indian graphic novel publisher Liquid Comics to create the hero. According to Lee, “I am incredibly excited to be collaborating with my friends at Graphic India as we launch this great new, thrill-a-minute superhero saga named, Chakra: The Invincible, on Cartoon Network.”

Lee’s target is not only audiences in India but viewers from around the world. Within the story we follow Raju Rai, who is a young Indian boy living in Mumbai. Raju, with the help of his mentor Dr Singh, have developed a new technology that can activate the mystical chakras that are found in the body. They have put this new technology into a suit and when Raju wears it he has suddenly gained super powers that he plans to use in order to protect innocent from the dangers of the world and the supervillains the plague it.

With art by acclaimed Indian artist Jeevan J. Kang, the character design brought forth by Lee and Graphic India’ CEO Sharad Devarajan has been truly brought to life. Devarajan is excited about the project and feels that “Stan Lee is one of the most prolific storytellers in the world, and in the same way his previous characters are known by nearly every man, woman and child on the planet, we believe Chakra will captivate audiences from Boston to Beijing to Bangalore.”

High praise for one of the most recognized comic creator’s in the world and high hopes for what sounds like it could be an interesting new addition to the superhero genre. Will Chakra live up ot the hype? We’ll all find out on November when the made for TV movie is released!

Are you excited for a new creation by Stan Lee? Looking forward to seeing ‘Chakra: The Invincible’ in November? Sound off below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter