While ‘Goblin Nation’ might be taking over the pages of ‘Superior Spider-Man’ right now, we had a quick moment of reflection of what the Doctor is actually thinking in a scene from this month’s ‘Superior Spider-Man’. With the two being Spider-Man’s greatest enemies this could have been the perfect partnership that could have ended with the complete destruction of Peter Parker! Assuming Norman hadn’t been completely crazy, of course, and had to go and ruin things between them.

Before I go into the plot I have to say that Ron Frenz illustrated this in a way that absolutely made me feel as if I was reading not a flashback but a comic that was illustrated in the 70’s. Frenz has a knack for really bringing out the layouts and styles that were popular of the era this was to have taken place.

Apparently, according to writer Kevin Shinick, when the world believed that Osborn was dead, he was hanging out in Europe and had extended an invitation for Otto to come and visit him. This visit had turned into a collaboration that could have been one of the greatest criminal endeavors of all time with Otto’s genius and Norman’s drive. In fact, things were going well from the get go as Otto instantly tries to take out Norman assuming that this is an attempt on his life. Norman had the entire encounter planned out though and talked Otto down, though multiple guns were secretly trained on Doc Ock as a backup plan.

The two worked out their differences and we see the creative aspects kick in as they make an all new Goblin suit! One that doesn’t really get used in the first issue but I have a feeling we’ll see in #12. The two have an idealogical difference over how Spider-Man should be handled. It gives us Norman’s clear problem of dealing with his Goblin side and totally losing his mind. Otto appears to talk him down and they finalize their plans. The two show off their strengths and weaknesses here but their interaction is really the best part.

Eventually Otto returns to New York and things seem to be moving along. Of course Norman ends up showing up early and has made changes to his plans. Including a great double cross on the Goblin’s side that really is set to put the two at odds with one another that will be the clear focus of the next issue.

I loved the style and story we were given here and while I’m usually not a fan of flashbacks Kevin and Ron have perfectly captured the feel of the era. It doesn’t directly expand the ‘Goblin Nation’ story arc that is going on right now but it is related to it and gives us a great view of two of Parker’s greatest villains interacting with one another. This isn’t a game changer but it is a fun story to read and if the second part is just as entertaining you are going to want to read both of them!


Writer: Kevin Shinick
Artist: Ron Frenz