Dark Phoenix

A new trailer for ‘Dark Phoenix’ just arrived late last week, but already, here is another, even more revealing clip, released for the international market.  While some movies– all Marvel Studios and ‘Star Wars’ pics– keep everything under strict lock and key prior to release, it seems as though 20th Century Fox wants everyone to know everything about ‘Dark Phoenix’, which may end up being the last ‘X-Men’ movie they ever release.  Which strategy is better?  You decide.

This clip opens with a flashback to young Jean Grey, played by Summer Fontana, who is involved in a car accident.  Later, she is shown talking to James McAvoy‘s Professor X, back when he still had hair, who offers her a new home with a new family.  This seems to indicate that Jean’s parents were killed in the wreck, contradicting the events of ‘X-Men 3: The Last Stand’, in which they were still alive.  (But as I’ve said previously, with this timeline wrapping up, Fox is apparently saying “To hell with continuity!  Full speed ahead!”)

Flash forward, the X-Men journey into space to rescue a disabled spacecraft.  It seems that everything falls into the hands of Nightcrawler and Jean, but in order to ensure the rescue goes according to plan, Jean has to remain behind and make the ultimate sacrifice.  But that doesn’t quite happen, as we see her engulfed by the fiery Phoenix Force.

Jessica Chastain‘s mysterious character sheds a little light on the Phoenix Force, telling Jean, “That power destroyed everything it ever came into contact with… until you.”  This reinforces earlier revelations that Chastain’s character comes from space.  We know that she is an amalgam of different characters.  The previous trailer seemed to indicate that like Mastermind/Jason Wyngarde in the comics, Chastain’s character seems to psychically manipulate Jean, pushing her toward her dark side.  Others have speculated that she is the personification of the Phoenix Force.  At any rate, she arrives with knowledge of the Phoenix Force and where it comes from.

Check out the new trailer below:


‘Dark Phoenix’ arrives in theaters on June 7.