This fall the top rated AMC zombie-centric show ‘The Walking Dead‘ will be reaching a new milestone. The show will be entering syndication!  This is great news for fans of the series who don’t have access to AMC, although the new format will also give a slight change as the episodes are going to be edited.

Non-AMC subscribers are torn on this. Yes, you’ll be able to see ‘The Walking Dead’ but it will be a slightly watered down version. The show will be airing on MyNetworkTV and will be airing two episodes back-to-back on an unannounced weeknight. If you are unsure if you have MyNetworkTV, it is a Fox Entertainment Group owned set of channels which are made up of local channels that were either WB or UPN and didn’t make the transition to the CW. This network of channels reaches over 97% of the United States so there is a good chance you have it, even if you’re unfamiliar with the name.

In a statement released, AMC President Charlie Collier said:

“This agreement extends the reach of the number one show on television among adults 18-49 by giving viewers primetime access to The Walking Dead with back-to-back episodes on broadcast television one night a week. The Walking Dead has grown in each of its first four seasons on AMC, and we look forward to exposing this compelling story and these unforgettable characters to new fans on MyNetworkTV.”

Fox’ Greg Meidel added:

“We are fired up that MyNetworkTV will be the exclusive broadcast home to The Walking Dead. As we enter the 2014 upfronts, the blockbuster program, which breaks the mold of conventional television, further enhances 20th Television’s media sales slate of hit comedies, dramas and first-run programming.”

Frank Cicha, also from Fox, stated, “It’s not often you get to add the hottest show on the planet to your lineup. We just did, and it’s a tremendous get for our stations”

The syndicated version of the series will be editted so that the show is rated to TV-14 which translates into less blood, gore, and swearing. So basically, they will be taking away what makes the show great. For those who aren’t sold on the television adaptation, it is probably taking away the only reasons they were watching it in the first place.

What do you think about this watered down version of ‘The Walking Dead’? Should an edited version even be shown or is this a crime aginst the show?

Source: IGN