It’s been ten years since ‘Lost‘ hit television screens and ushered in golden era of complicated drama that kept the viewer engaged in a long serial story line. And on Sunday, the Losties everyone thought had ceased to exist converged on PaleyFest to see what their favorite writers and actors had to say about the show.

For die-hard Lost fans, there wasn’t a lot of new information (though there was some). Lindelof still won’t reveal who was on the outrigger that fired on Sawyer in “Little Prince” despite knowing the answer and he still insists that the people on the island weren’t dead.

There, Carlton Cuse (writer), interjected that it was their own fault. They had taken a photo of the plane (without the cast) on the beach, and used that as a buffer in the first season. This naturally made fans assume they were never alive to begin with.

Even with this denial (probably his millioneth at this point), fans still keep asking the question. It’s not likely they creators of ‘Lost’ will be getting away from that one any time soon.

Among the cast that appeared was Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Kim Yunjin (Sun), Ian Somerhalder (Boone), Maggie Grace (Shannon), Henry Ian Cusik (Desmond), and Malcolm David Kelly (Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt!).

As usual, they talked about how they never knew what was going to happen to their characters and that they were just as excited as the audience was to find out what was next.

Other juicy tidbits included Jorge Garcia originally trying out for the part of Sawyer, and Yunjin Kim trying out for the part of Kate. Though they ultimately didn’t get those roles, their auditions were so good that the characters Sun and Hurley were created specifically so they could include the two on the cast.

But the highlight of the panel, aside from the fan wearing a Matthew Fox mask asking Josh Holloway to sign Sawyer’s blood stain on his original Jack Workman jumpsuit, was the raft in Season 2. Apparently, they didn’t test the raft before setting it out on the ocean, and though Josh and Co were told they were being filmed by a helicopter, they were never able to see it so they thought they were alone out there on the ocean. Also, the raft went faster then the production crew intended, making it difficult to film it.

All in all, it was a real treat for Losties. It was great to see some of the cast together, and it is always fun to see them reminisce on show that is so close to so many’s hearts.

Check out the full panel below: