Previously we had reported that Marvel was meeting with directors for their ‘Doctor Strange‘ film. At the time there were four directors on the apparent shortlist for the film and they included Mark Andrews (‘Brave’, ‘John Carter‘), Nikolaj Arcel (‘A Royal Affair’, ‘Truth About Men’), Dean Israelite (‘Welcome to Yesterday’,’Acholiland’) and Jonathan Levine (‘Warm Bodies‘, ‘All the Boys love Mandy Lane’) Well that list has slightly changed so let’s take a look and how it has shaken up!

First up it looks as if both Nikolaj Arcel and Dean Israelite have been dropped from the list. As they are the two with the least directing experience that isn’t too much of a surprise. If anything I’m a bit surprised Mark Andrews is still on it with most of his work in the past being on the writing side of things. Just added to the list,though, was Scott Derrickson (‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’,”Sinister‘) who had has some great successes in the realm of the occult and horror which is clearly where they will need some experience to make the film work properly. In fact, I think Derrickson has just become my personal favorite pick to helm the project! As they are going with a science fiction and space opera feel to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘, a horror feel would be perfect for ‘Doctor Strange’.

With ‘Doctor Strange’ already confirmed as part of the Phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic movies and with rumors placing him as the hub of the upcoming films to fill the role Tony Stark currently holds, it’ll be interesting to see how much of the horror route they do have the film follow. With the character it is perfectly fitting though with the mass audience appeal needed they have to keep it at least partially lighthearted.

What do you think of the current 3 picks for a director of the film? Do you have one that truly stands out? Share your thoughts below true believers!

Source: CinemaBlend