When ‘The X-Files’ returned for its tenth season in 2016, it was something of a mixed success. While the iconic sci-fi series’ revival was ultimately embraced by fans (so much so that the show returns for its eleventh season this week), it wasn’t without its issues. Much of those problems owed to the season’s brevity. Clocking in at a mere six episodes, the writers hardly had any time to re-establish ‘The X-Files’ before they had to wrap it all up again. While the monster of the week episodes were largely well received, the season also took the series’ sprawling mythology in some very divisive directions.

Those involved have been cognizant of these issues though, and there have been some early indications that efforts have been made to address those concerns this time around. Most notably, the eleventh season is longer with a full ten episodes to its credit. Granted, that’s still on the short side for a series accustomed to twenty-plus episode runs, but at the very least it should give the new season a degree of breathing room that the tenth lacked.

It’s a sentiment shared by star David Duchovny. Speaking to ComicBook.com ahead of the premiere, Duchovny shared his thoughts on what sets this season apart from the last. And his words should be encouraging to longtime fans:

“The writers last time around had six episodes to bring a show back that had been off the air for ten years, so there was a lot of exposition to cover. We don’t have to do that this time around, so I think it’s much more relaxed. It’s freer, it’s more flexible. I think it’s closer to what we used to do.”

The upcoming season will see the established cast of David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and Mitch Pileggi joined by a slate of guest stars including Annabeth Gish, William B. Davis, Robbie Amell, and Chris Owens, Karin Konoval, and Barbara Hershey.

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