Despite what the title suggests, this week’s ‘Lost Girl’ has nothing to do with the American all girl R&B group. Granted there is a good amount of internal strife and conflict and at least one super Diva. As always the following recap is rated TV MA DLSV and may contain suggestive dialogue, strong language, sexual situations, and violence. Intended for mature audiences, reader discretion is advised… or not.

We open with a shot of the train. A mysterious welder is trying to keep things together as the train disintegrates around him. Oh, and there is a familiar looking crown on the floor next to him.

We switch to Bo who is sounding like a broken record, declaring in front of her friends that she is going to get to the bottom of this whole Dark Fae being taken by The Wanderer thing. Seems she has made this declaration a lot lately. I guess now it’s for reals since Bo takes out the box and bottle of black smoke from last week, much to everyone’s chagrin. Bo opens the bottle and releases the Smoke Monster from ‘Lost’ which seems to really affect Trick in a painful way. The smoke travels around the room and coalesces into some dude with a British accent and  a black feather coat. Cut to the mildly suggestive ‘Lost Girl’ logo and we are on our way to answerville!

The smoke guy is named Hugin and he is a most humble follower of The Wanderer. Hugin and his brother are the ones who initially took Bo to the Train. Trick and Hugin exchange some barbs, the boys just can’t seem to play nice. Bo wants back on the train, Hugin as well though he doesn’t know where it is at the moment. His brother trapped him in that bottle and apparently ran off with his wife. Hugin will help Bo get back on the train to find her answers if she helps him take revenge on his back-stabbing brother and, well, I can’t even print what he calls his wife. It’s like a Fae ‘Days of Our Lives’ up in here! Of course Dyson and Lauren want to go with but Hugin will have none of it. This is something he and Bo will do alone. Bo tells everyone she is ok with that and she needs to do this alone anyway. Some smoke and mirrors later and Hugin and Bo are gone and Tamsin walks into the room having missed the party.

Dyson goes to the gym and beats up a locker, grabs his gun, and meets an equally determined Lauren with a pocket full of science stuff. Those two crazy kids, now best buds, set off to go find their fae-vorite girl. Meanwhile, Trick is having a bad day when Kenzi and Tamsin confront him about the whole Bo/Wanderer thing. Kenzi wants to know why Trick hasn’t really helped Bo or figured out what is going on or formulated a plan… the lack of insight has been very un-Trick. Trick gets all uppity and says he doesn’t have the time to explain himself to a human and a low-life. Ouch. He begs them to just leave it be and walks out, leaving the adorably cute duo to snoop around his room.

Smokey and the Bo materialize in a Fae graveyard. Hugin gives Bo an ominous warning about stepping on a sacred grave, apparently you will be sucked down to Hell by the Leviathan if you do. (Writer’s note: That is so going to happen!) Hugin and his brother used to live here. A crow appears, the brother, and smoke-turns into a British punk rocker circa 1983. He’s not alone though, he brought all of David Bowie’s roadies with him. Seven against one and Bo likes them odds!

We come back from commercial and Bo is running through the forest, not beating all the Crows’ brains in. What happened to the bravado? Bo and Hugin meet up with Hugin’s ex. Words are exchanged and it’s apparent Hugin and the wife are not going to reconcile any time soon. Bo and Hugin split up and do some more running.

Back at casa de Trick, Tamsin and Kenzi find the big book of blood writings and debate what they should do with it. Kenzi knows it’s power and what Trick did with it. The answers are in the book. Time to find some blood, which Trick, like most people, keeps in an ink well someplace in his dungeon-cellar.

Trick meets up with Dao-Ming who has a thing against men. Trick needs answers and this particular Fae can find the truth in all things. Trick came looking for her sister, whom he had a relationship with in the past, but she’s away which leaves only the spiteful sister to help him and she wants no part of him. Trick has a memory that is blocked and he thinks he blocked it himself. It’s obviously something serious and painful for Trick and remembering will most likely cause him great heartache, so of course Ming decides to help. Her only caveat, she gets to ask any question she wants and Trick must give an answer, no matter how painful. (What is it with vengeful women in this episode?) First question, “Why did you pick my sister over me?” Yeah, it’s going to be a long night for the Blood King.

Back in the Fae burial ground Bo is betrayed. Surprise, Hugin was lying. He is in a loving marriage. Time to slit Bo’s throat. Not. Surrounded by Crows she falls into one of the Fae graves and disappears. (I told ya. Foreshadowing FTW!)

It’s underworld time, minus Kate Beckinsale. Bo is met by the Leviathan, who seems taken aback by the mark on Bo’s chest. Leviathan’s been searching for that mark for 600 years. Apparently it was supposed to be hers. Bo wants out and challenges Leviathan to a fight, which she accepts. A game of Riddles it is! Wait, what?

Back topside Trick is answering a lot of questions and we are reminded of just what a monster the Blood King was. Ming is afraid of what’s buried inside Trick and wants to stop, but Trick begs her to continue. He’s bleeding and in great pain but desperately wants to find out what he’s hiding. He needs to save Bo.

Back down below the worst poetry slam in the world is taking place.

“I am black as night, and as bright as day.

As cold as March, and as warm as May”

The answer of course is fog. Sure.

Topside Kenzi and Tamsin are still looking for some blood. They find a loose floor board and a nicely wrapped present. It’s some sort of magical Japenese lock box with infinite combinations. It’s the perfect place to hide some blood.

Down under Bo and Leviathan are getting on each other’s nerves. Bo’s riddle involves her life and loves. Essentially, who should she choose, Dyson or Lauren. Leviathan, like everyone else, cannot pick a side. (Though I am thoroughly Team Tamsin and sad that wasn’t even a choice!) Bo wins and is sent up, but not without some cryptic gloating. Apparently Leviathan will see her again shortly because someone Bo loves very much will soon be dead. Uh oh.

Bo is back and knocking Crows into graves left and right. It’s now three on one and the odds are still in the Crows’ favor, or are they? Team Dyson and Team Lauren show up to save the day! Only the two brother’s are left and Dyson has his claws to Hugin’s throat and Lauren holds a syringe to Munin’s.

Box time. Kenzi is trying to open the puzzle box with dangerous results. This will be harder than it looks. Meanwhile the brothers are not being cooperative, but after some exposition on just what Dyson and Lauren would do to them they decide to help. Bo again decides to leave Lauren and Dyson out of it and goes off to meet her fate on the train. Alone. (Why do people on TV and the big screen always do things the hard way? Did we not learn anything from The Avengers? The whole is greater than its parts folks!)

Trick is still getting grilled and letting loose with all kinds of truths. Finally, the reveal. Trick used his blood power to write Rainer out of history! Trick is responsible for everything that is going on. Ming sums it all up nicely, “With all of your ability to change the future, no matter what you do you’re still powerless to change your nature.” The truth hurts.

Kenzi and Tamsin finally get their hands on the blood and do some finger painting. Tamsin touches the book and it starts shaking. The wind picks up (which is ominous since they are indoors) and Tamsin is unable to let go of the book, which is now sporting her name several times in blood. She Valks-out and gets all scary. Flash back time. Trick is being an ass, as he was want to do in the Blood King times. Tamsin is on the battlefield about to take another soul, cause that’s what Valkyries do, when Trick steps in. The Blood King wants that soul. The fallen man rose up against him and Trick wants to make sure he never rises up again. He wants to make certain no one remembers Rainer the Defiant. Trick brokers a deal with Tamsin, who is aged and close to her final death. He will rewrite her future, giving her a fresh start so that she may live out her life doing things differently, cleansing her soul – all it will take is her giving him Rainer’s.

On the train Bo finally comes face to pretty face with The Wanderer. She tries to knife him, they touch and there is some serious Succutizing glowing on. What exactly is Rainer?

Tamsin wakes up and remembers what happened with Rainer. She warns Kenzi not to trust Trick. Tick finds Dyson and Lauren in the bar. He tells them they need to arm up and call in everyone they know for battle. He says he knows who Rainer is and that he is his mortal enemy.

Bo walks in with a goofy, love-struck look on her face. She tells the three it was her idea to go Dark. She knew she would move heaven and earth to get back on that train, and get back to Rainer. To save him, break his curse. Enter Rainer. He’s not her enemy. He’s not her father. He’s her destiny.