After an eleven year affair with angels and werewolves, Anne Rice is back in the saddle with an old fan favorite as she announced the title of her next book ‘Prince Lestat’.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen the collective vampire loving community just let out a sigh. Those who love Rice’s work let out a sigh of relief that after an eleven year hiatus she’s back with the tribe, while those who couldn’t care less just let one out of exasperation. Love them or hate them, Rice’s vampires had more impact on bloodsuckers since Dracula. (Yes, I’m not talking about those sparkling ones here.)

The announcement was first made on Rice’s Facebook page when she posted, “I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been sitting on this announcement for months now, and my publisher has finally given me permission to go public. It’s a dramatic change of course, that’s for sure, and I hope it will excite you as much as it excites me.”

So of course everyone who has followed the previous novels of ‘The Queen of the Damned’, ‘The Tale of the Body Thief’ and ‘Memnoch the Devil’ have to be wondering where Rice is going from here? Well in her announcement interview she stated:

“It is a big Vampire Chronicle, and it’s all about Lestat and all about the vampires and what they’re doing right now, how they’re coming to terms with everything that’s happened to them and how Lestat is dealing with the demand from all sides that he step forward and become some sort of leader of the tribe. It’s a sequel to the first five Vampire Chronicles. This is really the follow-up to all of that.”.

Yes, folks, we’re in for a whole new round of vampire madness. It’s something fans have been asking for though Rice just wasn’t ready to go there until now:

“I’m not sure it was everybody asking because I truly felt that I couldn’t, and I was telling them sincerely ‘No, that will never happen. That’s just not going to happen.’ And I meant it. I didn’t think that it would. I’m not sure what really did it,” Let’s just say I finally had a novel to write. I had a story to tell with [Lestat], and I had his voice again with me, and it happened. I couldn’t make that happen. I couldn’t force that. I couldn’t just pull that out of a hat like a rabbit. I do think going back and reading all the books, feeling I had a lot more to say, getting really excited, ‘What if, what if, what if?’ as I read. That made a big deal of difference.”

So there you have it. Lestat is back. It also sounds that a lot of his old running mates that were still alive are returning as well. You can pickup the book on October 28th, 2014 and check out her entire interview below where she talks about her new endeavor!

Are you ready for a return to ‘The Vampire Chronicles’?

Source: Dread Central