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With both ‘Independence Day 2‘ and ‘Jurassic World‘ ramping up to being released, Jeff Goldblum (‘The Fly’,’Jurassic Park’) has two huge franchises he may be revisiting. At this time, it only looks like one will get the Goldblum treatment.

Currently Goldblum is set to rejoin the ranks of humanity in fighting against aliens in ‘Independence Day 2’, however, it looks like he won’t be helping to take down more dinosaurs in ‘Jurassic World’.

While Roland Emmerich (‘The Day After Tomorrow’, ‘Godzilla’) had already revealed that Goldblum would be back for ‘ID2’, it was good to hear the actor himself confirm it. What was surprising, though, was hearing why he wasn’t planning on returning for ‘Jurassic World’. It appears that he won’t be back for the very same reason that he didn’t appear in ‘Jurassic Park 3’  – no one had called him. Sounds like they are going with more of a new cast if neither Goldblum or Sam Neill will be on the set. Interesting casting direction to go with a film that is not planned to be a reboot.

Here’s what Goldblum had to say in an interview with Huffington Post:

When you hear about “Jurassic World,” do you think to yourself, I could still do that? I know you didn’t come back for “Jurassic Park III.”
Yeah, and they haven’t called me for “4,” I know Steven Spielberg isn’t directing it …

Is that why you didn’t do the third movie, because Spielberg didn’t direct it?
No. Nobody asked me.

I didn’t know that. I always assumed it was your decision.
No, nobody asked me, but I was perfectly satisfied with the two that I did. I’m still satisfied with that and I’ll be the first in line to see anything else, so, you know. But, “Independence Day” …

When I spoke to Roland Emmerich last summer, he was adamant you were coming back, along with Judd Hirsch and everyone else except Will Smith.
Oh, good, so he’s talked about it. Yeah, they’ve talked to me about it and I’ve talked to them about it and they’re excited and I’m anxious and eager to see — I haven’t read anything — what they cook up. You know, I think they’re trying to put it together.

So what do you think? Would you like to have seen Goldblum in ‘Jurassic World’ or should his character stay extinct? Chime in below!