So what happens when you find out that your dear old Mum you’ve been trying to keep away from your life as a super powered Tomorrow person IS one herself? First thing’s first—dealing with the attempt on Astrid and her dad’s life by the Founder’s hit squad.

Jedikiah shows Stephen how he warned Roger about the Founder

As the NYPD takes in the carnage at the restaurant, Marla and Stephen arrive at home separately with Stephen making sure Astrid and her dad are safe. Marla’s ready for the three of them to bolt while Stephen’s head is still spinning from the revelation that his mom is a Tomorrow person. Jedikiah and two agents interrupt their packing, ready for a fight but they find Stephen and Marla safe. He asks for some time with his nephew and not only reminds Stephen just how dangerous the Founder can be but also sharing his own memory with Stephen of one of the last conversations between brothers. Though it’s not a ringing endorsement, the memory shows Stephen Jed’s attempt to warn Roger on just how dangerously powerful the Founder was; it’s enough for Stephen to re-join ULTRA under the condition that his friends and family are off limits.

But what’s an episode without another breakout, this time one who’s able to kill; the mysterious man takes out Alexi, a Russian informant, while the US Marshall tasked to watching him was in the other room. Still catching up on the other parts of his life, Stephen can’t believe Cara would boot John from the lair and takes it upon himself to find their former leader and give him a spot on the couch. Marla’s adamant that they are leaving but Stephen shows a solid backbone, taking his mother to task and not giving in on her wishes. His ULTRA responsibilities take him and Jed to the murder scene where they question the US Marshall about the turn of events. From there, things pick up as Cara and Russell are also on the newest breakout’s trail. With some help from their ULTRA computers, Stephen and Hillary track the killer to a downtown club but they aren’t alone as Cara and Russell are also in the mix, with the latter two tracking down the killer and, though he escapes, they snatch up his briefcase full of dollar bills.

Marla gets home that night, boxes ready to for some packing when she has a chat with John. Though he and Stephen have had their differences, he tells Marla that her son is “a hero” and he’s all about family; not just her and Luca but the others as well. Forcing him to leave would make him leave his second family and John stresses that they “need him as much as you do.” Marla lets the words sink in as she reminisces about her final goodbye to Roger.

Hillary and Stephen working together for once

Working on opposite sides, Stephen and Hillary gather information to set up a meet with the hit man while Cara and Russell are riding the train, broadcasting out to him on having his money. Things take a most interesting turn when both duos capture their man, only it’s not one man; they’re twins, with one being the human hit man and the other a paranormal taxi cab. Jedikiah questions Nathan, the killing brother, and his words to Nathan about being secondary, one without powers, is an overt parallel to Jed’s own feelings on being the forgotten man in his relationship with Roger. Doubts firmly planted, he offers Nathan an out. If he can provide a donor (in this case, his twin Cyrus) they could transfer his powers to Nathan. Stephen goes to Cara, wanting to use Cyrus to further his cred at ULTRA but she’s not about giving up the ‘misguided’ Cyrus. Not only that, she’s taken to reading Stephen’s mind. He’s pissed and rants at her stubbornness and lack of leadership and is surprised when John defends her. He reveals that ULTRA has been researching power transference and twins of this sort would offer the perfect fodder for experimentation.

Stephen confronts Jedikiah about the experimentation and, after admitting his plan, they are surprised when Cyrus teleports into the building, turning himself in. In a most unbelievable turn of events, Cyrus is hiding a gun in his waistband and Nathan uses it to try and kill Jedikiah. Stephen saves his uncle’s hide and, with help from Hillary and then another ULTRA agent, Nathan is filled with bullets while Cyrus escapes. Jedikiah laments the loss in a surprisingly emotional breakdown.

In the aftermath, Stephen confronts his uncle about the emotional reaction and Jedikiah offers a pithy excuse, taking to the defensive when Stephen accuses Jed of still harboring his father’s body. Of course, we all know that, somewhere underneath ULTRA, Roger Price’s body is cooling on ice…

Cyrus meets up with Cara and demands the money despite Jedikiah still being alive. When he leaves, John appears and is more than a little disappointed in Cara’s actions. “I have always admired your resolve,” he tells her, “but this time you’ve gone too far.” She defends her actions and, not thirty seconds later, begs John to come back. He can’t trust her motives behind the plea for his return and shuts her down.

Back at the Jamesons’, mother and son bond. She relents on Stephen’s request to stay, acknowledging her son as a burgeoning leader but also refusing to remain ignorant about her son’s dual roles.

Oh, and there’s the small fact that Roger Price IS chilling on ice in a secret room down in the ULTRA basement.

Tomorrow’s News

  • Ever since Stephen began showing signs of paranormal abilities, Marla has been doing what she could to prevent her son from falling into the same trap that consumed her husband. While it was not right, it was the only thing she believed she could do. By the end of the episode, she understands this and ultimately does what every parent has to do…let their child grow. She admits that her son is “a born leader” and, with that, deserves her respect in making his own decisions. Of course, she’s not going to sit idly by anymore and I have a feeling we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg regarding her powers.
  • Just when I thought Cara couldn’t make herself look any worse, she does. It’s almost sad watching her, a shell of her former self, invading the privacy of her friends and lowering herself to contracting killers to take out Jedikiah. Though her tenacity remains, there is very little of the confidence remaining inside her, a prospect exceptionally played by Peyton List. Though she has gone from one of my favorite characters to my least favorite on the show, something tells me she will find a way to redeem herself…I just hope she doesn’t have to hit rock bottom to do so.
  • It’s no surprise that Jedikiah is holding Roger’s body on ice but what is a surprise is the way he was speaking to his brother. Can Roger communicate with him or was this conversation a rhetorical one? Guess we’ll have to wait and see…