There has been some recent questioning on screenshots from the upcoming ‘X-Men Days of Future Past‘ on why we’ve been seeing Nicholas Hoult’s (‘Warm Bodies‘,’Jack The Giant Slayer‘) Beast looking rather human. At the end of ‘X-Men: First Class’, his mutation into the furry blue mutant that we all know and love had begun, so what exactly is going on here? Well Hoult recently spoke up to answer the question as to why he’s not blue in the early shots and to long term fans of the series, this will actual make sense.

“What’s happened up to this point is between the time of the last movie and this movie my character has created a serum which basically controls his mutation so his appearance is normal as long as he doesn’t get worked up. Any animal instinct or urges, that kind of brings him out. So yeah, he changes into Beast a few times throughout the story and they’ve done some great action sequences with him this time, particularly in the mansion flying around on these chandeliers and stuff.”

Some might compare this to a certain green Marvel character who joined a group of other superheros, but to be completely honest, this is very similar to what happened in the comics which caused Beast to further his mutations at one point – even down to the fact that he has more ‘beast like’ primal instincts that he has to fight to not give into on occassion.

In fact, in the most recent issues of ‘The Amazing X-Men’, these urges kicked in when Beast is badly injured. It’s built into his character and I can pretty much guarantee Marvel isn’t writing that in to help Fox retain the rights to the characters.

I suspect that this is going to lead into explaining why there is such a change from him in ‘X-Men: First Class’ and the later X-Men films. His tampering is going to cause further mutations which don’t work well in his favor either naturally or by not taking the serum as was the case in the comics. I truly suspect that this is going to be used directly as it was in the comics to further push his mutations over the edge and make him even more beast-like in the future. I suppose we’ll see as time progresses.

Is the fact that they are actually somewhat following the comic plot making you more excited for the film or do you think it’s a cheap way out to allow Hoult to not have to be blue and furry? Share your thoughts below true believers!

Source: Cinema Blend