Ms. Marvel, also known as Kamala Khan, is one of the most popular new characters to be introduced in Marvel Comics in the last several years.  Because of that, fans have been clamoring to see more of her in different media.  And though she has appeared on several animated series, including ‘Marvel Rising’, in which she is one of the major characters, and in video games, she has yet to be embodied in live-action.  But considering that her mentor and namesake Captain Marvel is just about to make her debut in her own movie, obviously, it wouldn’t make sense for Kamala to have appeared before that.

However, some fans have held out hope that Kamala might be slipped into ‘Captain Marvel’, in the same way that the comic book character was slipped into a hidden cameo in the pages of the ‘Captain Marvel’ comic before debuting as a superhero on her own.  Considering the fact that ‘Captain Marvel’ is known to be set in 1995, and Kamala is a teenager in the present, DUH!  Of course, she’s not in the movie!  She wouldn’t even have been born yet!

But someone still asked Kevin Feige about it and this is what he said:


Okay, he did say more than that.

“I think she’s a contemporary story.  I don’t think she was a little kid in 1990. I’m not sure she was born in 1995…  This is the first step towards introducing her… how you begin to bring her about at some point.”

That makes it sound like there are definite plans to bring her in in the future.  As the old guard starts to trickle out of the films (Iron Man, Captain America), look for Marvel to start bringing in newer creations.  (Nova is one character whose name has been mentioned as a possibility.)

Much like Miles Morales, Kamala has gained a strong fan following because she represents an underserved population– she is Pakistani-American and Muslim, as well as a teenage girl.  Miles was just introduced to the population at large in the award-winning animated hit ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’.  Just as audiences have embraced Miles, they would likely take a shine to Kamala.

At least it sounds like Ms. Marvel could arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future… whenever that is.

The Kamala Khan-free ‘Captain Marvel’ is about to blast into theaters on March 8.