Dionysus has lured Zola and her son Zeke to a French chateau where they are assaulted by a minotaur in the service of Cassandra.  Luckily Wonder Woman and her allies (some tenuous) track them down, but are they in time to save Cassandra’s target?

Elsewhere, Apollo, who now rules Olympus, battles the newly freed First Born and it may be a battle to the death.

The weird “family dynamic” between the major characters continues to prove interesting, with allegiances constantly shifting.  In this issue, Artemis actually aids Wonder Woman and Dionysus’ loyalty is questioned.  With the power that First Born displays in this issue, it’s hard to imagine how Wonder Woman will ever be able to stop him.

This Wonder Woman is strong and confident and trusting and loving, which is how she should be, but there’s just something a little lacking in her personality.  Meanwhile, the Wonder Woman in ‘Justice League’ is a blood-thirsty warrior who kills her opponents with no remorse.  Can we maybe meet in the middle somewhere?  Unfortunately, writer Brian Azzarello has a clear vision of his take on the character and therefore chooses to ignore any other version running around the DC Universe right now.

This book has evolved into what I basically consider a soap opera.  Comics and soaps have plenty in common, since they run continuously and storylines stretch out in ways that other types of entertainment don’t.  But even in other comics, there is some resolution at some point.  I’ve said before that I consider this book to still be in its first story arc and that’s just… well, it’s different from any other comic, really.  Usually with those, you get storylines that run for maybe five issues and then a new one.  the last one mattered and maybe even set this new one up, but there’s a clear delineation and you get some sense of resolution before moving on.  And that’s where this book differs.  I don’t feel like there’s been any satisfactory conclusions.  Well, I mean I guess they got that baby back, but still.  I’d just like to see some variety, versus the same exact characters in issue after issue.

But, it wasn’t horrible by any means.  There’s lots of action, so that’s somewhat satisfying.  The art (mostly) by Cliff Chiang looks great as usual.  I just sort of want to shake things up a bit.




Written by Brian Azzarello
Art and Cover by Cliff Chiang
Additional Layouts by Goran Sudzuka