‘Supernatural’ is getting a spin-off series, ‘Tribes’ which unlike the parent series which shows the main characters constantly on the road, will take place in a stationary setting, Chicago.  This urban location also differentiates itself, since ‘Supernatural’ typically focuses on small towns.  But the premise will be similar, depicting the struggle between hunters and monsters.  The concept will be introduced in the April 24th episode of ‘Supernatural’ later this season.

On the show, Chicago secretly houses mob like faction of monsters, all battling for control.

The CW has cast the two lead characters.  First is Nathaniel Buzolic an experienced Australian actor who made his US TV debut on ‘The Vampire Diaries’, on which he portrayed the villainous vampire Kol Mikaelson.  He reprized the role on VD spin-off ‘The Originals’.  He will also be seen in an episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars’.  Buzolic plays David Hayden, a reluctant shapeshifter who has turned his back on the monster life and has lived as a human for years.

Joining Buzolic as his reluctant partner is British actor Lucien Laviscount, who like his new acting partner worked steadily in his home country.  He was cast in The CW’s second attempt of the pilot, ‘The Selection‘, but the pilot wasn’t picked up.  He can currently be seen on Showtime’s ‘Episodes’.  Laviscount will play Ennis Roth, a rookie cop whose fiancee was killed in the crossfire between the warring tribes.  He vowed revenge and eventually uncovered the truth about these creatures and has dedicated himself to wiping them out.  Obviously, the fact that David is a shapeshifter will cause tension between them.

Long-time ‘Supernatural’ writer/producer Andrew Dabb is scripting the episode.  Executive producer Robert Singer is directing.

What do you think?  Can they replicate the magic that makes ‘Supernatural’ such a fan-favorite?  It’s hard to imagine anyone matching the chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, but then again, think of all the beloved supporting characters that have existed on ‘Supernatural’.  And the creators are working very hands-on on the pilot, so I have confidence that this could actually work.

Will you be tuning in on April 24th?

Source: Screen Rant