We’ve known for a while that Gal Gadot (‘Furious 6’,’Knight and Day’) has been cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming ‘Batman vs. Superman’ film and she had quite a few critics when she landed the role. Complaints ranged from her acting abilities to her physique. What many didn’t know (or didn’t care to read about past noticing her waist and bust sizes) is that Gadot is a former athletic trainer in the Israeli Defense Force and was a professional model. She knows how to be both tough and smart and is clearly gearing up for the role!

The above photo has her showing off that she’s already getting ready for the role and will continue making sure that she’s physcially where she needs to be in order to play the famous Amazonian woman. With the ‘Batman vs Superman’ movie flying closer and with the potential for a ‘Justice League’ spin off movie rather abundant if the film succeeds, everyone is going to be at their best. She is signed on for at least three major DC movies so we’ll be seeing quite a bit of Gadot on the big screen over the next few years. My bet would be this one, a stand alone, and a Justice League film, though it’s still a bit too early to tell. Look wise, I’m also guessing that she is most likely going to be the leaner, armor-clad and sword-wielding Diana that current fans of DC know than the Wonder Woman of old.

While Wonder Woman clearly isn’t one of the two leads in the film she’ll be joining other DC fan favorites including The Flash and a rumored Nightwing and Green Lantern when the film is released on May 6th, 2016. Seems we’re getting a lot of character introductions and I truly hope they are able to do them all justice in order to give us a second cohesive cinematic big screen universe to play in.

Are you looking forward to seeing Gadot’s take on the Amazonian warrior princess or were you hoping to see someone more Xena like take on the lasso?

Source: Screen Rant.