Comic Con attendees were treated to the first clips from Ridley Scott’s new film ‘Prometheus’ according to Deadline. You can watch Ridley speaking to the audience via satellite in a video posted from one of the attendees below.

What had started out as a new ‘Alien’ film morphed into a film taking place in the same universe as ‘Alien’. Scott directed the original ‘Alien’ film back in 1979 and since then a number of films, video games and other tie-ins have come and gone. Some good (‘Aliens’), some bad (‘Aliens vs. Predator’).

Now, he’s revisiting this universe, but not focusing on the Alien creature according to Scott and writer Damen Lindelhof (‘Lost’).

In the new clip, viewers witness a giant room reminiscent of artist H.R. Giger’s original bio-mechanical designs used in the first ‘Alien’ film. In it, actor Michael Fassbender (‘Inglourius Basterds’, ‘X-Men: First Class’) examines what looks to be containers with alien eggs inside. Cut to Charlize Theron (‘Aeon Flux’) doing push-ups naked, and next a large, ringed planet. A character collapses and then we see the giant alien egg cargo hold again.

So why did Scott do this film? He says it was a question about the first film that no one seemed to be asking. Most likely what he’s implying is what happened to the “Space Jockey” creature from the first film. When the crew of the first ‘Alien’ film check out the alien ship, along with the egg harvest, they find the remains (skeleton) of a giant whose  exploded stomach area makes it apparent he was a victim of his cargo. So maybe ‘Prometheus’ is about discovering the mystery behind this race that introduced these deadly creatures to the universe. I guess we’ll find out June 8, 2012 when it hits theaters.