All good things must come to an end and ‘X-Men Legacy’ is sadly no different. In the previous issue we saw Legion having turned into the Mindworm, fulfilling the prophecy that he has been so desperately trying to avoid for this entire series. It came to a close with David and Blindfold finally having a moment alone together to consecrate their love in a moment paused in time within David’s mind. So with the climax approaching (of the comic not our two young lover’s), one has to ask if Spurrier was able to end this series on the high note that it’s been riding on from the very beginning.

Was Spurrier able to bring this series to a close after bringing us a character many were either unfamiliar with or not a fan of and elevating him to one of the best written characters in Marvel?

Let’s find out shall we?

We open with David and Ruth finishing their psychic love making as David loses his hold on being able to hold time at a standstill. Outside the battle has raged on and Ruth is caught up by the might of the Mindworm and slowly being killed. She isn’t going to end up killing David off after all.

As she goes back and forth between there here and the hereafter, something happens. Small voices she’s been hearing take shape and before her emerges a vision who has a request for her. In one of the most moving visual scenes in the series, we see Professor Charles Xavier contacting her to pass a message on to David . He’s proud of his son.

She passes along the message right as David is encountering the Weaver. The one persona who would not merge with him and suddenly we see who the Weaver is. It’s David himself! It’s not clear though if it’s David and we’ve been following the life of a split personality or if it’s a split personality of David himself but the two finally are able to merge and become the ultra Omega level mutant he’s always had the potential to be. Think Franklin Richards but with no limitations.

With his power, he restores the recently killed and fixes all of the mutants who he had consumed. After this, he has a very Deadpool moment and talks to the comic reader briefly. While studying the time space continuum, it comes up that there is only one solution. In a very ‘Butterfly Effect’ moment, David removes himself from ever existing.

We flash back to after Xavier’s death and Blindfold asks where David is, only no one knows who she is talking about because he’s never existed. She’s the only person who knows what happened. However, before depression kicks in she hears a voice in her head. David is with her, within her mind and lets her know that they’ll be together forever. The last page shows Ruth walking down the hall in contrast to everyone else who has just heard of Xavier’s death while she happily exclaims David’s mantra of ‘I Rule Me”.

I was extremely worried how Spurrier would end it and am happy to say that it was a fitting closure to the book. David’s story has been one of redemption and learning of the burden of legacy and closed in a way that was perfect for the ride we just took with him. Is he gone forever? This would be the perfect send off for Legion, but knowing Marvel, they’ll bring him back in a few years.

I’m going to miss the David that Simon has brought us but I can’t help but say this is one of the best written stories in the Marvel Universe in years. Tan Eng Huat has been on point the entire run but has truly brought his A game to the closure of this series.

It’s both self contained and reaches out to much of the mutant titles of recent years. It’s a work of art and clearly a trade you should consider picking up if you haven’t been collecting the issues on their release.


Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Tan Eng Huat