Last month, speculation ran wild as fans formed theories about the next Marvel One-Shot short film that would appear on the ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Blu-Ray release. Then, we learned that the short was indeed Sir Ben Kingsley’s super secret Marvel project that he teased back in October. Titled ‘All Hail The King’, the newest look into the Marvel Cinematic Universe followed up with Trevor Slatery from ‘Iron Man 3’ as he serves some time in Seagate prison. But thanks to a documentary filmmaker, the delusional actor’s craving for attention has attracted the wrong people to his doorstep.

Previously, writer Drew Pearce weighed in on the film and Trevor’s future in Marvel’s movies. Now, Kingsley himself has weighed in on the return of his character from Tony Stark’s most recent adventure. In an interview with The Huffington Post, the legendary actor talked about the reception to his version of The Mandarin. After expressing his gratitude that the press didn’t ruin the twist prior to the release of ‘Iron Man 3’, he shared his feelings about the continuation of Trevor’s story:

“That was quite early on in the making of ‘Iron Man 3’. It occurred to [co-‘Iron Man 3’ screenwriter] Drew Pearce that he might want to have some fun, ‘early years of Trevor’. And then when Drew — who I totally congratulate on holding his nerve with Trevor and the Mandarin — he said, ‘Actually, you know what? I’d like to do what happens to him after the film’. And I thought that was such an exciting idea — that it’s like an epilogue. Drew, he’s such a wonderful writer, and I knew that in his hands, that epilogue would not be anything other than true to Trevor … he’s quite a wounded animal [laughs].”

Kingsley then went into how much fun it was for him to step into this outrageous role:

“Yes. It’s true. I’m glad the joy comes through. I felt deep joy playing him. He’s connected in a way to so much I care about: the English language, acting, the English sense of humor, the particular part of the north of England where he comes from — not my part, but it was close to it — The Beatles, Liverpool. All of those lovely English things I was able to cook with thanks to Drew.”

Finally, when Kingsley is asked about seeing Trevor Slattery again after ‘All Hail The King’, the actor gave a theory about what happened to his beloved buffoon:

“I honestly don’t know. I know they’re keen to seeing how this film goes. They were all there at the screening that they kindly invited me to — all the guys, they love it. I honestly don’t know. Trevor is so unpredictable anyway, I can’t answer for him! He’s mad — he’s probably lying in a pool of blood and Guinness somewhere.”

While I’d love to see a confrontation between the Mandarin and Trevor, I’d just as much love to see him in a pool of blood and Guinness. What about you? Do you think we’ll see Sir Ben play Mr. Slattery again? And what do you think about his take on the character? Share your thoughts in the comments below.