As progress is being made on getting ‘Terminator: Genesis‘ towards filming, it looks as if casting for the role of Kyle Reese is now down to two actors, Jai Courtney (‘I, Frankenstein‘, ‘Divergent‘) and Boyd Holbrook (‘The Host‘, ‘Milk’). The two stars were both previously mentioned for the role though a few other names had been in the mix as well which have now been cut out. While both of the actors have experience with genre films, Courtney has worked quite a bit more with science fiction. While the part isn’t set in stone between these two, they are currently looking to be the studio favorites so it wouldn’t be surprising to see one of them on the big screen when the movie is finally released.

Whoever ends up with the role, they will have big shoes to fill as the original was played by Michael Biehn (‘Aliens’,’The Abyss’) in the iconic James Cameron film. The role had also been revisited in ‘Terminator: Salvation’ by Anton Yelchin (‘Star Trek’, ‘Fright Night‘). For this film, whoever takes over for this classic character will be joining an already star studded cast as we have Arnold Schwarzenegger returning in an unknown role (though it wouldn’t be surprising if it was as a cyborg), Emilia Clarke (‘Game of Thrones‘, ‘Dom Hemingway’) as Sara Connor, and Jason Clarke (‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes‘, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’) as the savior of our future, John Connor. The movie is going to be directed by Alan Talor (‘Thor: The Dark World’, ‘Game of Thrones’) and is scheduled to be released July 1, 2015.

Which of these two actors do you think would be able to play Kyle Reese and have chemistry with Emilia Clarke on screen? Share your thoughts below as the fate of humanity rests in the hands of the child that they produce!

Source: Deadline