If you live in or near New York, Santa Fe, Portland, Seattle, Houston, Lexington, or Columbus you may just have a chance to see the original cut of ‘Godzilla’ how it was made to be viewed! For as big of a footprint that ‘Godzilla’ has put on the giant monster film genre,very few fans of the franchise have ever actually watched the original 1954 Japanese cut of the film. Now fans of the King of the Kaiju will have a chance to experience the film on the big screen. Even with die hard fans who have seen the film before, very few have actually seen it in a theater these days.

When the original film was primarily released in the states it had 50 minutes of footage cut from it and a complete subplot added where Raymond Burr was playing a journalist who was trying to stay alive through the destruction. None of that is going to be happening with this upcoming release. Forty minutes is a lot of plot being changed and the perspective of the film is completely shifted. Instead of being a disaster driven movie, it actually focuses on the terror that the Japanese culture had to suffer through after the atomic bombs were dropped on their nation.

Suddenly puts the mass destruction in the new ‘Godzilla’ trailer into a bit more perspective when you think on the true level of destruction that they are trying to mimic.

Sadly this re-release isn’t yet set to be nation-wide and only a few select cities have been chosen (though I hope that we’ll see more added to this list before long!)

::    April 18 – 24    NEW YORK,  NY    Film Forum
::    April 25 – May 1    SANTA FE,  NM    Jean Cocteau Cinema
::    May 2 – 5    PORTLAND,  OR    Hollywood Theatre
::    May 2 – 8    SEATTLE,  WA    SIFF Cinema Uptown
::    May 23 – 26    HOUSTON,  TX    The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
::    May 28    LEXINGTON,  KY    Kentucky Theatre
::    July 17    COLUMBUS,  OH    Wexner Center for the Arts

You can follow the release dates on the Rialto Pictures page in case more are added!

So tell us fellow ‘Godzilla’ fans, would you make a trek out to see the film on a big screen if it was in your city?

Source: Film School Rejects