Marvel’s clear cut success with Loki in the cinematic universe has pushed them to change the character. Since Loki was reborn as a child up through his most recent transformation in ‘Young Avengers’, he’s been one of the most interesting characters to date. While I wasn’t a fan that he was changing once again when the ‘Young Avengers’ was coming to a close, I have to say I instantly became interested when they said that the goal of the character would be a mixture of the one we’ve just been introduced to with that of how Tom Hiddleston has been portraying him in the movies. OK, I had to bite. All I have to say is if the first issue is any indication, this is going to be one Hell (or should I say Hel) of a wild ride!

What we see as Loki is introduced as an Agent of Asgard is a clear riff on 007 (and quite a few one liners poking fun at the world’s most celebrated undercover agent as well.) All of the artwork is entirely fitting for the introduction to the new cast. It has a feeling of a slightly grown up ‘Young Avengers’ style which is fitting for where Loki is right now.

The entire situation we see play out is full of plans within plans, perfectly fitting for the God of Mischief. He knows that being the God of Mischief can so easily cause him to become the God of Evil as his past incarnation did, but that is not what he wants. We open the book with Loki stabbing Thor through the back and just as quickly go back in time, prior to the event happening. We’re following the young Godling and it’s quickly clear that he wants to be his own God. Of course, just as he feels that he is using them we are going to find out that they are using him.

Right at the beginning Loki says to trust him because he knows what he’s doing. How can you trust the God of Mischief? It’s difficult at best but clearly his intentions were good. After breaking into the Avengers Tower, he goes and deletes all traces of his past from their system in order for him to feel that another chapter in the book of the Old Loki is forever closed and things can move forward with him at this point. Shortly after, he’s caught as the entire team closes in and out of the blue, we see the opening page revealed as he stabs Thor in the back! Though it doesn’t take us long to find out that his reasoning was to actually cure his brother of a plague that was infecting him. As the book nears a close we see Thor thanking his brother for being there for him and asking if he has time for a drink before his inevitable escape. At which point, Loki laughs and joins him for one.

The inevitable escape leaves him returning to the All Mothers and giving them the plague that was within Thor. Once Loki leaves they open it and discover that the plague itself IS Loki. Not the carefree young spirit that he has become, but the malevolent God of old. Clearly he’ll be looking for a comeback, but is there enough room for 2 Loki’s in Midgard? Time will tell and while this is a plot I’m a bit iffy on (we’ve been teased with the elder Loki’s potential return since Ikol first took to the skies), I’d love to see a showdown between the two but I’d hope for it to be a final one as I’m really loving the feel of the new Loki and am sick of the stale joke of a villain he has finally become.


Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Lee Garbett