Bo learns more about the trials and pitfalls of romantic encounters in this week’s episode about sex and obsession. This is a recap, so there are spoilers.

Dyson drives up to a house. Bo and Kenzi run out and tell him to get back. The house explodes. Dyson picks up a human skull.

We go back to the events that precede the explosion. Bo is asleep. Kenzi, eating a Popsicle, watches; she then jumps on Bo, who doesn’t want to get out of bed. Bo is upset about being rejecting by Dyson. She is not taking it well because Bo has not been dumped before; for ten years, her lovers haven’t survived the night, so Bo hasn’t had to deal with on-going romantic relationships. Kenzi playfully teases her and vows to get Bo out of the dumps. To get Bo out of bed, Kenzi sticks the Popsicle into Bo’s ear.

Dyson is at work at the police station. For no valid reason, Dyson roughs up a suspect and hurts the guy’s arm. Perhaps he is not happy about breaking up with Bo.

Kenzi has Bo smash a car with a crowbar. Afterwards, Bo and Kenzi go to the pub. They do shots and get drunk.

Dyson’s boss chews him out at work. This is the third time this week he has been aggressive with a suspect. He is ordered to go to therapy and will be assigned desk duty. He tells Hale that work, the Fae, and now Bo is pulling him in too many directions.

Lauren arrives at the pub. She tells Bo to be careful about drinking because Lauren doesn’t know what alcohol will do to her abilities. Lauren tells Kenzi to “keep an eye on her.” Lauren leaves. Kenzi observes that there are sparks between Lauren and Bo, and there are, but Bo says Lauren is off limits because Lauren is human, and Bo can kill Lauren if they are intimate. A man, Samir, approaches Bo. His wife Olivia, a Fury, wants Bo to join the married couple for a drink. He assures Bo that she is his wife’s pick because one does not want to cross a Fury. Bo declines.

Dyson and Hale arrive at the pub. Kenzi urges Bo to reconsider the man’s offer, and Bo does. She goes up to the couple and invites them to her place.

The three are hot and heavy. Bo stops the action to make sure they have a safe word. Downstairs, Kenzi drinks more alcohol while hearing the sexual marathon. The next morning, Bo thanks Kenzi for her advice on dealing with rejection. Kenzi is hung over, but Bo isn’t—the benefits of sex being a cure for all of Bo’s physical ailments.

Olivia returns, and this time she wants to hire Bo for a job. The Fury ignores Kenzi because she is a human, and many Fae do not care for humans. Olivia wants Bo to kill a human, Jenny. Samir and Olivia have been together for centuries, and they have found ways to keep things interesting, but they are not to dally on the side in secret. She could forgive Samir if his fling with Jenny was a one-night thing, but Samir and Jenny are having a full-on raging affair. Olivia shows Kenzi and Bo romantic letters. Since she is a Light Fae, there are complications if she kills Jenny herself, but Bo is unaffiliated, so Bo can kill humans without angering either side. Bo tells Olivia that she is not an assassin and turns down the job. Olivia is not pleased and says she will take care of the matter. After Olivia leaves, Kenzi suggests they find Jenny so they can protect her. Bo wants to know Kenzi’s plan for finding Jenny; Kenzi shows her a letter she failed to return to Olivia. They now have Jenny’s address.

Olivia goes to Jenny’s place. She grabs Jenny and stares into her eyes. Olivia’s eyes glow red, and she promises to cause Jenny insanity and death. Bo is there to protect Jenny, and she attacks Olivia. Olivia tries to stab Bo, but Bo gets the knife out of Olivia’s hands. Olivia grabs Bo and pins her down on the kitchen counter; she begins to use her power. Bo grabs a toaster and puts it between them; Olivia sees her reflection in the toaster, and her power bounces back and hurts her. Bo takes Jenny to her place.

Dyson and Hale are at work. Dyson thinks therapy is human BS, but Hale tells him that if he refuses to go, he could lose his job. Without his job, Dyson will not be useful to the Fae. Dyson does attend therapy; he is quiet, and the therapist tells him that she has seen this act before. Dyson tries to insult her by saying her life is lonely and pathetic, but she counters by telling him that he is spinning out of control and trying to compensate for this by acting tough and macho.

Back at Bo’s place, Kenzi plays with a sword. Bo tells Jenny about Olivia’s mission to “take care” of Jenny, and Jenny thinks that is why Samir has been distant lately—he’s been protecting her. Bo tells Jenny that she will talk to Samir so he can resolve the situation.

Bo approaches a large beautiful home. No one answers when she rings the bell and knocks. Bo hears a scream. The door is unlocked, so she enters. She looks for Samir, but she sees Olivia covered in blood. Olivia rushes passed her, and Bo gets a cut on her hand. Bo walks in the direction Olivia came from and discovers Samir’s decapitated body. Bo calls Kenzi to make sure Kenzi is on high alert.

Bo tells Jenny, who is wrapped in a blanket, that Samir is dead. Jenny sobs uncontrollably, so Bo touches the blanket, thinking the lack of skin contact will lessen the impact of her powers. Jenny calms down very quickly, and Bo encourages her to take a nap.

Dyson and Hale are at Samir’s. They have found the body, but the head is missing. They got an anonymous text, but Dyson smells Bo’s scent, so he knows she sent the text. Dyson goes to Bo’s place, and she fills him in. Dyson tells Bo that she needs to curb her appetite, and Kenzi tells him that it is no longer his business.

Furies have sisters. Dyson and Hale go to Olivia’s sisters’ house on behalf of the Ash, the leader of the Light Fae. They cannot get Olivia to come out, but Hale is a siren, so he is able to lure Olivia to the car.

Back at Bo’s, Bo finds Jenny in her clothes; Jenny feels a lot better and appears to be enamored with Bo. Bo reminds Jenny that she is there temporarily. Bo tells Kenzi that she has to explain things to the Ash and wants Kenzi to discourage Jenny’s crush.

At the Ash’s place, Lauren examines Olivia. Olivia claims that she did not kill her husband. She has a seizure and dies. The Ash tells Bo that choosing a human over a Fae was not wise, and he tells Dyson that his job performance needs to improve.

Jenny and Kenzi eat pizza. Jenny asks a lot of questions about Bo. Kenzi excuses herself and searches Jenny’s bag. Inside the bag are a romance novel, a bloody small chainsaw, and Samir’s head. Jenny hits Kenzi on the head, knocking her out. Jenny picks up the head, hugs it, and says “Mine.”

Kenzi and Jenny are gone when Bo arrives. Dyson calls her. Jenny has a record; she becomes delusional and stalks men, so Samir was not having a meaningful relationship with Jenny. Samir kept Jenny’s obsession a secret from his wife. Bo sees flowers on the floor and follows the trail to her bed. Samir’s head is on the bed with a note. Bo tells Dyson that Jenny has taken Kenzi.

Kenzi is tied to a chair. Jenny has a gun. Samir’s head rolls in. Bo smooth talks Jenny, telling her they are destined to be together. Kenzi has something to cut the ropes; because her hands are tied, the work is slow. Jenny is sorry she lied to Bo, but everyone leaves her. Jenny opens a cabinet; inside are human skulls. Since everyone leaves her, Jenny keeps a part of those she has loved. Thanks to the internet, Jenny has learned how to create a bomb using fertilizer. Jenny picks up a detonator; this time, she will be with her love forever. Bo says that if they are going out with a bang, she wants to die in Jenny’s arms.

Olivia’s sisters interrupt Bo’s plan. Bo tries to bring order to the situation, but the Furies are there for blood. One sister attacks Jenny, and the other attacks Bo. Jenny is easily overpowered, but Bo puts up a good fight. She tries using her power on the Fury, but the Fury is older and stronger. Bo’s hand finds a can of bug spray, and Bo sprays the Fury’s eyes. Kenzi breaks free of the ropes, and they leave the Furies and Jenny behind. Jenny is still alive and crawls to the detonator.

Bo and Kenzi run out of the house (this is the opening scene). Dyson arrives. The house explodes. Jenny and the Furies are dead.

Bo and Kenzi drink at the pub. Kenzi asks Bo if she is too clingy. Bo tells her, “You make me want to be a better Fae.” Dyson comes in. Dyson told the Ash that they arrived too late to stop the house from exploding, and he scored points at work because he cracked a serial killer case. Trick confronts Kenzi for taking a 300-year-old bottle of mead, and he makes her listen to his story about why the bottle was important to him. Bo leaves Kenzi and Trick and joins Dyson. Bo proposes an arrangement with Dyson. Mixing emotions and sex can get messy, so they should be “friends with benefits.” Sex for healing and for fun would be perfect with him because he doesn’t care, he doesn’t die from having sex with her, and she can trust him. Dyson agrees to the arrangement. They kiss.

Dyson is at therapy again. This time he begins to talk about Bo.

Sex, obsession, blood, and death mix together and produce an action-packed steamy episode. ‘Lost Girl’ continues to surprise and entertain me. Bo and Kenzi are true friends who can discuss issues honestly without resorting to cutesy innuendos. What impressed me about this episode is how we learned new things through action. We saw more of Hale’s power, Fae have to continually be useful or the clan will be displeased, and Bo’s power is almost strong enough to defeat a Fury. The dialogue is still witty and charming, the acting is solid, and the story is engaging. ‘Lost Girl’ is one of the most consistent shows on the air; if the show can maintain this high level of quality, then ‘Lost Girl’ is going to remain one of my favorite TV shows.

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