We have the latest rumors from the upcoming ‘Fantastic Four‘ movie and this time up it’s some casting news. Of course, with everything that comes out of ‘Fantastic Four’, this will probably be shot down as a rumor by director Josh Trank (‘Chronicle‘) as he’s been doing since the very beginning. So will these casting rumors be proven true (even if shot down?) We’ll find out but for now let’s take a look at who might be filling the spots of some of the lead roles.

First up it sounds like we’ve had not one but two actresses testing for the lead of Sue Storm for the film and they are Kate Mara (‘American Horror Story‘,’Iron Man 2‘) and Emmy Rossum (‘The Day After Tommorow’, ‘Beautiful Creatures‘). Between the two I’d personally give Kate my vote. I’ve become a huge fan of her work over the past few years and she knows how to play a strong female lead and I think she can pull off the slightly quirky smile that I would imagine Sue would have. Will one of these two be the next Invisible Woman? Only time will tell.

That’s not the only piece of casting news as it looks as if Miles Teller (‘Divergent‘, ‘Project X’) was recently in for Reed Richards. Will this upcoming star be set to play Mr. Fantastic? With a lead in the new ‘Divergent’ trilogy this could be a huge boon for his rising stardom. This is following the recent rumor that Christian Cook was up for Ben Grimm. In fact, the only character who appears to be cast so far is Michael B. Jordan (‘Chronicle’,’Fruitvale Station’) who is still set to be Johnny Storm – which is just another reason to think they are changing the origin stories of Marvel’s First Family.

Also on the rumor block is that Dr. Doom is going to be up for casting and they are looking for a big name to play him. What isn’t clear is if the filmmakers will be changing Doom’s gender to be portrayed as a female. If they are completely re-writing the origin of the foursome, this might be another change we could see on screen. I’m feeling oddly torn here with how excited I was to find out that the X-Men and Fantastic Four would occupy the same universe only to cringe at each and every new piece of information that is coming out about this film. Of course it could all be a smokescreen to get the Internet ablaze with false information.

What do you think about these casting choices? are you for them or do you think they should be going to someone else?

Source: The Holllywood Reporter