The Walking Dead‘ is set to infect our Sunday nights once again weekend, February 9th, 2014! With the group being split up, we know there’s going to be a lot of depressing scenes in the near future. What can give us hope? Not much! However today we’ve got 7 new photos from the upcoming episdoe to help tide everyone over until the show’s return!

First up we’ve got a shot of the show’s probably top fan favorite Daryl Dixon looking around in either concern or giving a look. He’s probably giving one to Beth who just said something annoying (that’d be my guess at least!) Net up is Carl looking to break into a house to find either a new hideout for his dad or some new supplies. How much do you want to bet we have a bit of undead in this one? Next up is Rick looking through a peep hole. Girly show? Probably not unless it’s a group of undead women. My guess is wherever he’s looking into will reveal at least one zombie that they’ll have to deal with or avoid. Another shot of the only surviving Dixon is up next as he’s running through the woods with crossbow at the ready. Are there zombies nearby or is he hunting for food? Or, another set of humans? (Possibly the cannibals that were in the comic will finally make an appearence on the show and have they captured Beth?) Finally Michonne is up and has once again decided to keep a few Walkers for pets. I suppose if it worked before why not use the same trick once again? After that is a shot of Glenn who is not doing well at all. It seems his lot in life in the show to just always be in a bad situation. At least in the last shot of Glenn he’s got the riot gear on so at some point he’s fully armored and ready to go.

Are you looking forward to ‘The Walking Dead’s return? Any thoughts on which portions of the comic’s story line might be featured in the upcoming half season? Share your thoughts below!

Source: EW