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Whether it is the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Fox’s ‘X-Men‘ films, it feels like Marvel is the place to be if you want to be part of a long-running franchise. One example is Simon Kinberg who has been working with Fox for nine films featuring everyone’s favorite mutants and he isn’t looking to stop now. Sure, we can fault him for some of his work such as having written ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ and having helped pen the script for the last ‘Fantastic Four’ but most of his other entries have been well received.

Kinberg’s run the gambit from writer to producer and in the upcoming ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix‘ he’ll also be sitting in the director’s chair as well.

All of that in mind, does he think that he could get bored of playing with Marvel’s mutant toybox?

“I hope never. We have found in terms of doing stand-alone movies like Logan and Deadpool that we can smuggle a different genre into the comic book movie. Logan was a Western, and Deadpool was like a Monty Python, R-rated comedy.”

Just like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ve seen Fox’s films branch out in recent years, and it looks like they’ve got a formula that is drawing fans back into theaters. In fact, new fans have been loving the work that they’ve put together and if anything, the idea of keeping existing fans has been what the creatives have been worried about:

“I feel the obligation is the opposite. It’s not a barrier of entry in terms of catching the audience up; it’s actually a barrier of catching the audience off guard. You want audiences to feel that it’s not the same movie. It is as fresh as any other movie out there; it’s not being compared to previous X-Men movies, it’s being compared to Black Panther, to Avengers, to Arrival, anything within the genre spaces we’re talking about.”

Now the problem is while Kinberg isn’t done playing with the mutants, we have no idea what the Disney buyout of Fox could do to the franchise. While the R-Rated material is likely safe for the foreseeable future, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if another ‘X-Men reboot was on the horizon that would place the mutant populace and likely the ‘Fantastic Four’ directly into the MCU by Phase 5.

Are you happy that Simon Kinberg is still loving making ‘X-Men’ films or would you prefer that he bows out if the Disney and Fox deal ends up being finalized? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: THR