Fans have been speculating, but it has now been officially been confirmed  that both the Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad will make appearances this season on the hit CW series ‘Arrow’.  Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) popped up in last week’s episode offering Bronze Tiger the opportunity to work off part of his sentence by joining a “squad” she was putting together, paving the way to assemble the famous villain team performing covert-ops for the government.

And ever since Black Canary was introduced (with a twist) played by Caity Lotz, fans have been wondering how long it it would take Jessica DeGouw to return as The Huntress, and join forces with Black Canary.

‘Arrow’ producer Greg Berlanti has confirmed that fans should expect to see these concepts paying off.

“Those are all things that are coming up – our own versions of those things. It’s now been revealed that Slade is in cahoots with Brother Blood (Kevin Alejandro) and so we have a two-pronged approach to the big bad of the year which has been fun and different. That’ll really heat up.

Every year we do one episode that’s more primarily an all-island episode and the wraparounds for that – the story that’s happening in the present – is a direct confrontation between Oliver and Slade. You’re seeing where they went south – what truly happened with them in the past. And if we do it right, that’s going to be really terrific.”

Of the Suicide Squad, Bronze Tiger, Count Vertigo and Deadshot have already appeared, and that’s just the characters in this illustration.  Oracle, Commissioner Gordon and Poison Ivy are surely off limits.  Captain Boomerang is traditionally a Flash villain, so they may hold off on utilizing him until ‘The Flash’ series debuts.  Will we see a variation on Nightshade?  Or will the fact that she has super powers mean she may also be held until ‘The Flash’?  And I believe Shrapnel was used in at least one version of the team.  Now that he’s on the show, he could also be a candidate.  As could anyone really, including Slade.

This would be the second live-action appearance of the ‘Birds of Prey’.  They actually headlined a short-lived series featuring a radically altered version of the team.  They went back to the no-longer-in-continuity origin of The Huntress being Batman and Catwoman’s daughter, but made her a super human with cat-like abilities.  The version of Dinah Lance they used was a telepathic runaway, not the martial artist with sonic abilities from the comics.  Even without Oracle, the ‘Arrow’ version is more likely to resemble the actual comic book team.

Which of these two properties are you most excited to see on ‘Arrow’?  Or both equally?  Any other properties that you think would be a good fit for the world of ‘Arrow’?

Source: Blastr