The CW is clearly enjoying the success of genre shows and is proving that by putting in orders for 3 more pilots! While two of them aren’t too surprising, the third is a nice surprise as I hadn’t previously even heard rumors about. So what is the station testing the waters with? Well they’ve just ordered pilot shows for a ‘Supernatural’ spin-off entitled ‘Supernatural: Tribes, as well as DC’s ‘iZombie‘ and ‘Flash‘.

The CW has clearly been having a successful run of ‘Arrow‘ and we already knew that Flash was in talks to get his own show from it but this is the first initial announcement. Initially word was that it would be a planted episode but it’s now being filmed as a stand alone and will have Grant Gustin (‘Glee’, ‘A Mother’s Nightmare’) continuing his role as Barry Allen as the Flash. The script will be by ‘Arrow’s Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg with DC’s Geoff Johns adding in some help as well. David Nutter (‘Disturbing Behavior’, ‘Superboy’) will be directing the pilot and Jesse L. Martin (‘Law & Order’,’Rent’), Danielle Panabaker (‘Friday the 13th’, ‘The Crazies’), and Rick Cosnett (‘The Vampire Diaries’, ‘Skybound’) will all be co-starring on the show.

Next up is another DC property, ‘iZombie’. While the comic is owned by DC, it’s actually on another line and doesn’t quite fit into the mainstream DC Universe so don’t expect any crossovers here. What you can expect is that with the success of ‘The Walking Dead’, zombies are now popular than ever and we’re going to be getting a few more shows with them! The zombies here, or at least Gwen the main character, is an intelligent zombie who lives off the brains of the dead in order to survive. As she partakes in the brains of the freshly deceased, she gains their memories works to avenge their deaths. The show is being headed by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero of the insanely popular ‘Veronica Mars’ series so there is a good chance they’ll put together another great show here. No casting has been set quite yet.

Finally the big surprise is that ‘Supernatural: Tribes’ is coming and while I haven’t been following the show lately that might just have to change. ‘Supernatural: Tribes is going to take place in Chicago exploring the hunter and monster cultures found in my home city and I am always happy to check out a show where the focus is on my hometown. Andrew Dabb, Supernatural’s lead writer, is set to executive produce with Eric Kripke Robert Singer, McG, and Jeremy Carver (‘Supernatural‘, ‘Being Human‘). Carver is set to be the showrunner of the new series

So folks, which show are you most excited about? Are you all for the shows here being created or are there any you are iffy on? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter