Spike Jonze’s latest film ‘Her’ has been getting critical acclaim everywhere. After scoring numerous awards for best original screenplay, best score, and even best film, the unorthodox futuristic love story starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson has been nominated for five Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Writing (Original Screenplay). But you can tell that the movie has really broken into mainstream pop culture because ‘Saturday Night Live’ decided to take a few comedic jabs at it.

On the most recent episode of the long running NBC sketch show, guest host Jonah Hill from the Academy Award-nominated film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ spoofed his fellow Best Picture contender by appearing in a parody trailer for a movie called ‘Me’. The ‘Superbad’ star steps into the shoes of Phoenix’s Theodore Twombly as he discovers a new love in the form of his operating system that has a very familiar voice. You can check out the sketch below thanks to NBC’s YouTube page:

This segment managed to pull off all the same details as the original. From the wardrobe, the mustache, and the color palette, SNL got it all right. Most of the gags were hit or miss, but when it got to knocking one of the most memorable moments in the whole film, that was worth sitting through the slower bits that didn’t necessarily land. That was probably in part thanks to the awkward blast from Hill’s past making a cameo appearance for the gag. I won’t spoil it in case you read this far without watching the video, but I will that that this actor appeared with the Oscar winner and stole the show in another cameo appearance in ‘This Is The End’.

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