New Mutants

It is pretty obvious that outside of ‘Deadpool’ that the 20th Century Fox “X-Men” movies are going to be coming to an end when Disney gets the rights back and now it looks like ‘New Mutants‘ could be the last movie which is released under the banner. The new rumor states that ‘Gambit’ and even ‘Doctor Doom’ are now officially dead with ‘X-Force’ likely not happening under Fox though it could still come out through Marvel Studios.

It has been stated in the past that Disney would allow for any films that were in production to be completed but if you go by the recent timelines these rumors and that statement would go hand in hand. Here are the two tweets which detailed the information:


Again, this is firmly in the rumor department though Daniel Richtman is known for delivering solid details on upcoming films before official announcements. While there is too much still up in the air about this buyout, logically everything Richtman is stating makes sense. This also means that Dark Phoenix‘ would be the last major “X-Men” title to be released though I don’t think anyone felt there was a chance of another one being put into production in time actually to be made.

Does the idea of ‘New Mutants’ being the final “X-Men” movie at all come as a surprise? Did you think that ‘Gambit’ would still end up being created before any potential reboots were to happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!