‘The Walking Dead’ returns right around the corner on Sunday, February 9th, and we’ve got a great featurette to tease what we’re going to see when the series returns! There are clearly some spoilers found within so just a huge warning that anything past this point could contain not only spoilers from the first half of the fourth season but some for what’s coming up! The footage below is going to include a combination of scenes from the upcoming episode as well as cast interviews who give some great insight on where their characters are.

As you see, the group is split up and not together when the show returns bringing back to mind what a mess the survivors’ lives currently are like. In this second half, TV audiences will be following the characters separately and seeing how they are reacting to no longer having the safety of the prison or that of the group as a whole. Personally, I’m curious to watch the dynamic between Carl and Rick the most and see how it plays out in comparison to the comic and how realistic it actually shows up on screen. I’m also curious to see who actually ends up with who and how the survivors end up meeting back up with one another. I strongly suspect at least a couple will check back at the prison once it’s safe where we might see them toasting over the corpse of a certain Governor who’s no longer in office.

Are you looking forward to seeing our survivors once more on the run for their lives? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Geek Tyrant