Now that Starz has cancelled ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ there are details emerging about what could have been had the series continued. We know that Bruce Campbell is officially retiring from the role of Ashley Joanna Williams, so there’s nothing holding insiders back at this point. The series would have been heading straight into a post-apocalyptic world which would have been a vast change from what we’ve seen so far!

However, with how Season 3 (which has now become the series finale) came to a close, that isn’t all that surprising.

The last episode introduced the Dark Ones to the world and with them nothing good for humanity. We got a brief glimpse of what the show would have looked like and sadly that taste is all we’ll ever see unless they continue it in a new comic or book series.

Either way, it would be without the fantastic Campbell in the title role.

The imagery of Ash in a ‘Mad Max’ styled car in a post-apocalyptic world is precisely what we would have been seeing in the upcoming season. This wouldn’t have been a brief glimpse at a potential future or random event going on but the change of direction that the show would have taken.

While I’m sure no one who was watching the series come to a close enjoyed that it is over, at least Raimi had everything wrapped up on a familiar note. This is likely the world which was teased at the end of ‘Army of Darkness’ and is the same formula of ending one story of Ash Wiliams by throwing him directly into another.

Only, this time there is even less of a chance that the story will ever continue or be told. Who knows? Maybe Raimi can somehow still sell Campbell on finishing up the story as a movie as the actor had initially expressed interest in one before leaving the role behind him.

Are you sad that ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ has come to a close? Would you have continued to tune in for a post-apocalyptic ‘Mad Max’ styled world with Ash leading what was left of humanity? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book