Fans of Marvel’s first family can breath a huge sigh of relief as a major rumor concerning the next iteration of the foursome on the big screen can now be debunked. After a casting call was made, there was a rumored synopsis of the upcoming film that was making the rounds. Thankfully for all involved it’s just not true.

We know the filmmakers is supposed to be testing the cast by the end of the month (and with a June 19th, 2015 release date that’s probably a good thing) but in a casting call for the film, the following film synopsis was listed:


What could that mean?]

What?! Thankfully this all seems to be someone’s creative take of poking the bee’s nest that is fanboyism on the Internet because director Josh Trank (‘Chronicle’) had to take it to Twitter and say:

Seriously Josh THANK YOU for clearing that up. That’s a whole lot of worry that we don’t need. With everyone excited about the heroes occupying the same universe as the X-men, we’re all hoping for a Marvel styled crossover at some point down the line, or at least some subtle cameos using eachother’s properties. (I know, wishful thinking.)

So are you happy that they aren’t going this route for the origin story and probably sticking to something a little closer to the classic or Ultimate origin story? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film