It seems like every mutant has been called to show up when it comes to ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’. Recently, Evan Jangkiet announced he will be playing Toad in the film alongside Boo Boo Stewart as Warpath, Fan Bingbing as Blink, Adan Canto as Sunspot and Evan Peters as Quicksilver, to name a few.  And speaking of Quicksilver, a new image has emerged finally showing what Peters would look like in the film.

Recent stills have not shown what any of the added new mutants will look like, but today, fans finally get a glimpse of Quicksilver. The superhuman mutant speedster is slightly hidden between Wolverine /Logan (Hugh Jackman),  Magneto/Eric (Michael Fassbender) and Professor X/Xavier (James McAvoy).  The image has the quartet in some interesting attire – Magneto seems to be wearing a prison uniform (does he know that is his son behind him?). While Quicksilver is obviously not in his superhero garb (and it’s rumored his role is very small in the film), it is nice to see that Bryan Singer has decided to keep the character’s comic book silver locks intact.

Also released today by EW, is this amusing image of Beast and Wolverine caught doing… well, maybe we’ll just leave it to you to caption this one:

Singer has stated that ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ is not a reboot per se and has dubbed another description of what the film actually is:

“It’s not a reboot because there’s some of the same characters and same actors. But it’s also not a conventional sequel—I call it an inbetweequel.”

Although the source material for the film is based on the well-known comic arc by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, there will be some differences in the film. One main deviation from the comic is that instead of Kitty Pryde travelling back to warn the “First Class” X-Men about the future, it will be Wolverine who will need to reunite Xavier with Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) and then BFF Erik. “These are very big emotional stakes,” says Singer, “as well as, you know, cool giant robots and superpowers.”

It will be interesting to see the changes that Singer has decided to make, but considering the first two ‘X-Men’ films did well under his directing reig,fans shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ arrives in theaters on May 23, 2014.