No one can doubt how influential the ‘Star Wars’ movies have been and the original trilogy has become so iconic and inbred in our society, that it is rare to find someone who doesn’t recognize a ‘Star Wars’ reference. With a whole new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy in the works, a new generation will soon be enthralled with the franchise, so what better time than now to bring out some little known facts about the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy?

The infographic just touches on some of the little known facts that many non-die-hard fans of the franchise may not know. For example, Al Pacino was up for the role of Han Solo? We can picture it now –  “Lightsabers? We don’t need no stinkin’ lightsabers!” Hm… maybe not. Glad George Lucas went with Harrison Ford.

So take a look below. Some facts you may know, others may be a surprise. Either way, it’s great retro-knowledge that is fun to pull out if you happen to be playing ‘Jeopardy’ or Trivial Pursuit!


Source: Geek Tyrant