Justice League Dark is dead, killed by Blight, the collective darkness in the heart of humanity given human form.  Luckily, Nightmare Nurse had a contingency plan and assisted by Dr. Thirteen, the anti-heroes are revived.  But while they were still under, Constantine is visited by an image of Deadman, telling him that he, Zatanna and the other original members are still alive.  Once revived, Constantine is determined to find his teammates.  Nightmare Nurse and Pandora help accomplish this, but the Phantom Stranger and Dr. Thirteen make a subtle exit.

The others are drawn to a secret underwater kingdom where they encountered the Crime Syndicate’s version of Aquaman, the Sea King, who died transitioning to this world, but has been revived by the mystical forces of that underwater kingdom.  They battle in an effort to locate and free Deadman.

However, there looks to be a traitor among these magical heroes.

It seemed a bit odd that Sea King was being revived in this book, but the way it’s handled actually makes sense.  The Blight story is dragging out just a bit and it sounds as if it’s going to go on a while longer since Constantine and his new team have to locate Zatanna and the rest first.  We know Madame Xanadu is with the other Justice League members, so I presume Zatanna and Frankenstein are too.

But in general, the story flows well and the dialogue is solid.

The art as usual is beautiful.  Nothing but love there.

All in all another strong issue!



Written by J.M. DeMatteis
Pencils and Cover by Mikel Janin