Over the past four issues, the Justice League has slowly been coming together into a team. Okay… so maybe not actually a team. It’s more that they’re in the same location. But they’re finally all together, so that’ll do for now. As of the end of ‘Justice League’ #4, the “team” were down for the count after the the godlike Darkseid’s invasion of Earth.

This issue sees the team beginning to coalesce into an actual unit as they try to come to grips with the immense danger that Darkseid poses. Most of this issue sees the various members of the League smashing (and failing) against the seemingly invincible Darkseid before they realize that none of them stand a chance of going against this being alone. It’s nice to see these characters, who until now have worked solo, putting aside their egos and personal tactics to work as a group. And, when one of the members proves his dedication to working as a team by revealing his secret identity… your jaw will hit the floor!

Geoff Johns’ writing on this issue is spot on. His characterization of the various Justice League members as they struggle to find their place in the new team while trying not to be killed by the god-like being that has just appeared in the middle of the city is great fun to read!

And Johns’ Darkseid is perfect in the new DCU! Throughout the issue, the uber-villain doesn’t speak a word. But Jim Lee’s art at facial expression says it all. This guy’s expression doesn’t move much beyond mere annoyance at the superhero pests as they try to attack him. Darkseid is a god of his own world… and for the first time in a long while, he acts like it. Darkseid as the enemy is a wonderful way to introduce the League to a new generation of DC fans.

Be back in four weeks when we find out if the new Justice League (now that they’re working together) has what it takes to battle a god in ‘Justice League’ #6!

Verdict: Buy

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS