We’ve known that there would be a ‘Starship Troopers’ remake for over a year now, though haven’t heard much about it. Thankfully that is finally starting to change as we’re hearing from its writer how they want the tone of the film to feel as well as some other pieces of information for you!

So with a ton of time going between the last announcement and now, one might be getting worried about the production of the film. Fret not as its writer, Zack Stentz (‘X-Men: First Class‘,’Thor‘) has weighed in on a little of what we can expect!

Over the holidays he was asked on Twitter by popular film critic Scott Weinberg about what we could expect and this was his response:

Please remember that ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ may have ended up being memorable for the romance – if you’ve seen the film there was a lot going on there. Specifically the conflict between the lead and a certain drill sergeant is my guess as to what Zack was referring to.

This also still agrees with producer Toby Jaffe’s original statement about the film where he said “Verhoeven took [Robert Heinlein’s 1959 novel] from one extreme and made it almost comical, whereas our job is to be a little more faithful to the book, and ground it a little more.” As much as I loved the satire in the original film, I’m extremely curious to see how this comes together. Zack did a bang up job with ‘X-Men: First Class’ and continuity issues aside, I loved the movie (even when I wanted to hate it.) With him working on a movie that I want to be good? I’m hoping to see something special here.

So,do your part and tell us: Are you looking forward to a grittier ‘Starship Troopers’ with a more serious tone and more importantly “would you like to know more”?

Source: IndieWire