The first trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ has been out for a month now and it seems like series creator George Lucas has just now finally gotten around to seeing it. I know he’s pretty busy with The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum but even so you would think that he would be curious as to how Disney is handling his legacy.

When previously asked about the film, Lucas said that he didn’t “know anything about it” and that he hadn’t seen the trailer as “it’s not in the movie theater” and that he would see the film “when it’s released.”

I guess he’s not trying to get any special treatment for being one of the creators of the most prominent science fiction space opera of all time. Of course now that the trailer is in theaters he did have a chance to see it though he was a little vague on his opinion of it only saying:

“I saw the trailer. I saw it in a theater because I don’t watch movies online… It was intriguing.”

Now I’m not going to nitpick on if “intriguing” meant that he is truly interested in what J.J. Abrams will be putting on the large screen or if he felt that it wasn’t quite as shiny and kid friendly as his most recent trilogy. Of course, maybe he’s just been holding in his inner rage so that he doesn’t end up on the dark side from Jar Jar not making his way back to be front and center for the kids. Regardless, I’m sure that he’ll be lining up with the rest of us to check out the film when it premieres. Perhaps Lucas was hoping for some of Abrams past overuse of lens flares to dull the nostalgia he was able to bring about with the first trailer.

Kidding aside, I can fully understand why someone who has lived his work for as long as Lucas has might not be fully committed in wanting to see what someone else is doing with it.

Source: Cinema Blend