With the film officially moving forward about five months ago, the casting for the Duncan Jones (‘Moon’,’Source Code’) epic, ‘Warcraft’ is ramping up as two more have joined the production! While there have been a slew of leads in discussion including Colin Farrell (‘Total Recall‘, ‘Fright Night’) having loved the script, it’s been pretty quiet on that front. So while there hasn’t been much official casting so far, we now have a couple of names who WILL be tied to the movie!

So whose up for roles in the film? Well I’m happy to announce that Clancy Brown (‘Sleepy Hollow’,’Starship Troopers’), who really needs to be able to land more work, and Daniel Wu (‘Europa Report’,’Protege’), who can do some amazing fight scenes. have both joined the cast! These two are pretty great actors who haven’t seen a lot of on screen work lately, though they do deserve it. We currently have no idea as to who they’ll be playing in the film or if they’ll be on the side of the light or the dark. I was kind of hoping while reading through the announcement that we would have seen character names attached to narrow down which game’s lore the film would be based off of. Sadly, no luck there either.

While I haven’t seen official announcements, it would appear that according to IMDB: Paula Patton (‘2 Guns’,’Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’), Ben Foster (‘Pandorum’,’X-Men: The Last Stand’), Travis Fimmel (‘Vikings’,’The Experiment’), Robert Kazinsky (‘Pacific Rim‘,’EastEnders’), and Togby Kebbell (‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes‘,’Wrath of the Titans’) are all also attached to the film. The screenplay is by Charles Leavitt (‘Seventh Son‘,’K-PAX’).

With filming starting in January, the rest of the cast should be rounding out soon and we’ll have a better idea what roles everyone will be portraying.

Any thoughts on who these two might be cast as if they are going off existing heroes from the original Warcraft games? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film