Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore) and J’Onn J’Onzz the Martian Manhunter has somehow been fused together, similarly to Firestorm, except in a much harsher fashion as J’Onn’s presence in her brain is causing her pain, so she keeps retreating into her memories.  We get the basics of her origin, but unfortunately, this is all hitting her as she is supposed to be battling the Secret Society’s heaviest hitters.

This tale is appropriately schizophrenic as Courtney struggles to keep it together while battling the bad guys which causes her mental pain, so she keeps retreating into her memories.  But let’s face it, this was really just an excuse to tell Stargirl’s origin.  In the current reality, she is from Los Angeles not Keystone City.  Her best friend is now a gay boy named Tuan (the gay thing is an assumption, but… yeah gay), not Mary her BFF from her old series ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.’  There are some hints to Sylvester Pemberton, the original owner of her gravity belt and cosmic rod.

On the negative side, this has nearly nothing to do with ‘Forever Evil’.  There is a last page surprise that does play a large role, but mainly this just felt like an excuse to tell Stargirl’s origin, which could honestly have been told anytime.

The art is pretty good overall, but it gets a bit lackluster at times.  It’s never bad exactly, but it’s a bit “journeyman” as they say.  Solid.  Dependable.  Just not exciting or innovative.

But can we talk about that cover by Eddy Barrows with Matt Yackey?  Seriously, LOOK at it?  It looks like she’s shoving her Cosmic Rod up her bum! It looks too painful and the bright effect is a bit too much. I don’t normally critique covers as part of my reviews but seriously?  SERIOUSLY?!

It reminds me of a certain Rascal Flatts album cover.  (I used to work in electronics.  I am not a country music fan, just to clarify.):

“Behold my sacred, golden junk!”

But no one caught this?  No one questioned it?  Am I wrong?  Overreacting?

Anyhoo… cover aside, this writing on this issue was sound.  The art was decent, but not the best ever.  It felt a little filler-y since it had only a vague connection to ‘Forever Evil’ but it certainly wasn’t a waste of money.


Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Tom Derenick and Eddy Barrows
Cover by Eddy Barrows