kill or be killedIf you’re a fan of writer Ed Brubaker’s and artist Sean Phillips’ ‘Kill or Be Killed’ then you’ll be thrilled to hear that a live-action movie is being made! Producer Basil Iwanyk and director Chad Stahelski who previously tackled ‘John Wick’ together have signed on to work on the project. Penning the script will be Dan Casey who previously helped adapt Brubaker’s ‘Incognito’. On the production side, Iwanyk is working with Erica Lee through their Thunder Road banner and Jeff Waxman (‘mother!’) will be joining them. Brubaker is set as the film’s executive producer.

The comic itself follows Dylan who is a depressed college student that takes his own life. At least, he tried to before a very unlikely set of events has him survive. Good thing for him as the last moment before taking his life he realizes that he wants to live after all. With a second chance before him, Dylan suddenly finds that he was actually given this new lease on life by a demon. The catch is that for every month that Dylan wants to live, he will have to take another life. It is a pretty solid commentary on vigilantism and how one’s actions don’t just affect themselves.

While Brubaker is often found writing crime stories, it is his work on ‘Captain America’ which reintroduced Bucky Barnes as The Winter Soldier and his more offbeat work like ‘Kill or be Killed’ which seems to find him the most notable fame. Though, his work on ‘The Fade Out’ and ‘Fatale,’ which both fall into the noir categories, have found fans and acclaim in recent years.

Are you excited to check out ‘Kill or Be Killed’ when we end up able to see it? If you’ve read the comic do you feel that Stahelski’s work on ‘John Wick’ is the perfect style to realize this film? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter