For the first issue since its launch, ‘Cable and X-Force’ #16 really felt like the book was on a downward spiral. I know part of me is just eager to see where the relaunch goes next year, but to be honest, this story hasn’t been doing it for me. In fact, it kind of felt like a jumbled mess since they ‘fixed’ Cable’s visions.

With the team split into three, each of the missions were supposed to be end of the world scenarios. Forge and Dr. Nemesis ended up having their own save the world party and I love that their way to save the day was by pure accident with Dr. Nemesis having a solution that Forge couldn’t do himself. The eradication of the sentinels was clearly a priority when it comes to mutants, and Colossus and Domino were able to save themselves, a town, and mutant-kind is a style fitting to them. Their banter along the way also has stopped feeling off as it has in the past and this is a couple that I can see making a twisted kind of sense. The main problem for me was that the entire Reever aspect felt off. The weapon that they created didn’t seem all mutant-kind destroying powerful and I didn’t feel that we got a good look at what is really going on with Cable’s powers yet. The minor hint that was tossed to us where he couldn’t use them half way through the fight just felt like an anti-climatic lead in to where they are going with his powers or lack of powers.

There’s a lot going on in this issue and you really have to hand it to writer Dennis Hopeless in making sure the story doesn’t seem too overwhelming. While I feel it was much better written, I’m still not sold on what they did with this issue. Also, while I was a little hesitant on artist Gerardo Sandoval taking over duties on the title, I really like what he did with the majority of the issue (though the end seemed a bit rushed).

For the teams, I did feel that the time and quality was split better between them than in the past. Last issue the only enjoyable portions were with Dr. Nemesis and Forge’s banter. This time around we got a look at Cable’s loss of power and Colossus and Domino’s romantic overtures tossed into the mix as well.

Next issue should be better. Right off the bat they hint that Bishop is on it and we all know how Cable feels about him, especially now after he spent years trying to hunt down and kill Hope. With all of the grudge match that will be built into this, I have no doubt the book is about to bounce back. I just felt that this side of the arc was phoned in compared to how much I loved the introduction to the series.


Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Gerardo Sandoval